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An Apology:

This site was last truly updated on February 19, 1999. Since my daughter's birth, I have less & less time to maintain it. I do intend to do so one day - meanwhile it remains a repository for information about seasons 1-7 of this great show (now filming Season 10 and looking healthy).
As at July 2000 I am working to update the pages & intend to continue to maintain the site. No details of Season 9 yet as it has yet to be screened in Victoria, Australia.

October 27 2000

Hmmm... not doing well at this regular update business! To make up for it, I've added some new tools. As of today, you can post directly to the page to discuss Heartbeat with others:

If anyone has good ideas for other boards to add, please let me know!

Also added link to Blackstar Videos & DVDs for all those people who e-mail asking where to buy Heartbeat videos.

July 23 2000

July 21 2000

(can you tell I didn't have to work today - I have been working on the site all day!!!)

July 18 2000
July 17 2000
  • Updated main page with details of "Child Flight" auction
  • Removed blurb about show & set up as own page
  • Cleaned up Heartbeat Products page (part of ongoing gradual cleanup)
  • Added alphabetical index to cast as well as to characters on main page
  • Added My visit(s) to the Heartbeat set - very rough pages, no text yet but plenty of photos.
May 21 2000
  • I have added the Free Find search engine to the site. You can now search all the pages in my site from the search box on the main page.
  • Changed style of pages; initiated ongoing cleanup

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