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Updated July 21, 2000.

Of course there are more useful links in the Products and Merchandise, Heartbeat Country and Miscellaneous Information sections of this site!

Talking about Heartbeat

Fans of the series may be interested in joining the Heartbeat Mailing List at egroups.
Peter Scott has also created a Heartbeat e-mail list. Traffic is very low at this stage, but the more people come on board, the busier it will get. You can join the list directly from Peter's Heartbeat web page.
Fran tells me there is a chat room at (well a limited one anyway) under British TV shows that has some Heartbeat fans on it.
For those fans from Sweden or who speak Swedish, there is a Swedish-language Heartbeat mailing list at egroups. In Sweden, the series name translates as "Back to Aidensfield".

TV & Film Listings

Brief mention is made of the series at the (otherwise) excellent Internet Movie Database.

This was Bigglethwaite's UK TV Site of the Week! They have a very comprehensive listing of UK TV shows and sites - highly worth a visit.

Other Heartbeat Sites

The Nicholas Rhea Website
As well as catering for Heartbeat fans, this website offers an opportunity to view the full range of works written by Nicholas Rhea, including the Constable books from which the series has developed, and his crime novels. Books, videos, and audiotapes read by Heartbeat actors are also available.

The Heartbeat 150th Episode site - an official site for this milestone episode, which was the final one in Season 9.
This Australian library site is devoted to comparison of the TV show and the Heartbeat books.
Paul Hawkins' Unofficial Heartbeat Website has heaps of info, rumours, etc
Nadine's Heartbeat Haven - another fan site for this great show.
Meridian also has a feature page on Heartbeat.

Heartbeat Photos & Miscellany

Tony Wakefield has some excellent pictures from around Aidensfield at his home page! Unfortunately the old URL doesn't work - are you there Tony??

Liam Spelling also has some pictures of the family's pilgrimage to Goathland at this site! (more lucky people that have been there ... mutter mutter ...) Another broken URL - Liam are you out there?
The very touching song "How Can I Tell You" by Cat Stevens was a major feature of a powerful season 4 episode. Here you can read not only the words but also the guitar chords.
(Thanks Kate for this link)
My trip to Heartbeat country hasn't been fully written up yet (again, the joys of small children) but you can see some of my photos from my visits to the location filming and the set.

Related Shows

Due South is a great show about a Canadian Mountie and his deaf wolf. If you don't understand why this is relevant, keep watching!

Note Anne's comments though:
Love your page, but saw the most disturbing addition of Due South to one of your pages. Dear God, please do not let the producers of that series touch Heartbeat!!!
I have watched this show, Due South, go from a pretty interesting way to spend an hour without coming away feeling like you wasted your time, to something fit for the toilet bowl since Canadian production took over completely from the American network!
They changed the mountie's partner and now the Chicago detective is an even dumber, mindless dweeb. You hardly ever see the dog. And to top it all off, the show is filled now with double entendres of the sexual kind and not fit for kids to watch. I was so disappointed in the progress of this Due South into a really bad series. Had to tell a friend in Northern England, to start previewing the shows if he could, because after they change detectives, the series gets pretty raw in places. I'm ashamed of the all-Canadian version of this show and really hope that Heartbeat can stay well away from it! I know that you have nothing to do with the production, Melissa...but I just had to tell you.

Christine has another point of view:
I read Anne's comment on Due South and I wish to correct many inaccuracies in her comments on this show. It has ALWAYS been a Canadian production. Unfortunately success for Canadian productions are often measured by gaining American syndication and audience and thus ensuring its SURVIVAL. To do that, the producers are often asked to change things to make our shows more palettable to American networks and their viewers. The negative comments and changes Anne was describing are evidence of this. It wasn't the Canadian influence but the American one(take a look at all the cheesy or perhaps offensive shows they create). However, yes it was the Canadians who produced it from it's inception to the end One more thing, many concerned and religious families here think its wonderful family viewing-and a lovely change from the usual lineup of American shows. Quite innocent and funny! But everyone is allowed their opinion! So I thought I should clear that up because as a Canadian I felt having only Anne's opinion for the world to see was not only inaccurate but a slam to Canadian producers and a great show.

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