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Dr Neil Bolton

(David Michaels)

October 1998 - David Michaels in Goathland

About the character

Neil Bolton is a doctor who has been working abroad for the Red Cross for 4 years, estranged from his wife Maggie.

Neil isn't a sympathetic character when we first meet him, possibly because we have already got to know Maggie
and know that she clearly resents his arrival in the area.

As his character develops, we see a man who is dedicated to medicine and keen to repair his relationship with Maggie. Typically, fans of the series have commented: "I didn't like Neil when he first came on. He seemed to be making life difficult for Maggie, and I like Maggie. Now he's rather grown on me and I like him a lot....and it's such a shame for that to happen because of what's going to happen soon....poor Maggie. "

At the risk of a spoiler, Neil leaves the show halfway through Season 8 - I won't tell you how though! I will say that I was shocked to hear of the development, and that it is a suitable way for such a dedicated medical man to leave.


About the actor

Are all the actors on Heartbeat just genuinely nice people? I met David in Goathland during the filming of episode 8.18 - "The Angry Brigade" - David's second last episode on Heartbeat. Not knowing he was about to leave, I asked how he enjoyed working on Heartbeat. In a strange voice (which I now understand), he replied that it was great - fun people and a terrific show to work on.

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