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PC Nick Rowan

(Nick Berry)

One of Tony's photos - Nick in the police car

About the character

PC Nick Rowan was born in London's East End in 1938. He moved to Aidensfield with his wife Kate (whom he married in 1961) at the start of the series. As a child, he had been evacuated to the area during the war. He enjoys country policing, and is committed to helping people and working with the community. It was this that inspired him to move to the country.
He recently (season 6) passed his Sergeant's Exam.
Nick has one daughter, Katie.
He lives with Kate's Aunt Eileen, who came to Aidensfield when his mother Ruby decided country life was too slow for her.
Nick's police number is 466.

Mary asked why Nick's sergeant stripes seemed to change;
Geoff responds
Nick was an "acting" sergeant, i.e. only standing in as the station sergeant after Blaketon's retirement until a successor was officially appointed. In the past this acting rankwas indicated by the officer wearing an arm band with only two stripes, as opposed to the normal three stripes which were sewn on the arm. The same applied for the next rank up of Inspector, an acting Inspector would have only had one "pip" on the shoulder as opposed to the two worn by a full Inspector.
This I found out from my father who was a serving police officer during the period in which Hearbeat is set.
Simon also adds:
Sgt Blaketon had three stripes because he was a full sergeant, having not only passed his sergeants exam but also having actually been promted by his Chief Constable. Rowan only had two stripes because he would only have been an acting sergeant. He would have had to have passed his sergeants exam, but had not been promoted officially. He was merely filling in temporarily, to cover to immediate local vacancy created by Blaketon's sudden retirement on medical grounds. Some forces do not (or did not) give officers any further badge of rank when acting in the higher rank, although some did give two stripes to indicate higher rank on a temporary basis. Some forces now give three stripes to officers when acting up, (or two pips to acting inspectors) to afford them greater credibility in the eyes of the public.

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Nick Berry with his family

Nick and son Louis

About the actor

Nick Berry was born on 16 May 1963, at Woodford Green, Essex. He is married to former actress & model Rachel Robertson, who appeared in an episode of Heartbeat as a girl who is pregnant due to an incestuous relationship with her brother. (Episode 9 of Season 2 - Wall of Silence.). Nick & Rachel married shortly in 1994, and have been together over 10 years. Nick proposed to her on a Caribbean island, on her 17th birthday. He was 26 at the time.

Son Louis (rumoured - wrongly - to have appeared as the Rowans' daughter Katie in some episodes) is Nick and Rachel's only child (so far - both Nick and Rachel want more children). Born in April 1995, Louis is due to start nursery school in September 1997.

Nick Berry is a fan of the West Ham soccer club. He and Rachel live in London. They also own a country home in Essex. He is 34 (his birthday is May 16, 1963).

Berry was reportedly paid around $70,000 an episode for Heartbeat. His multi-million pound contract with ITV (which has made him the UK's highest-paid actor) has him appearing in a number of shows, including Paparazzo, where he plays a tabloid photographer, Respect, the story of a former boxer, and The Black Velvet Band, and adventure series set in South Africa. Before Heartbeat, Nick played Wiggsy in EastEnders. A company called Black star videos now have Respect and Paparazzo on one tape for sale.

Since leaving Heartbeat, Nick has been starring in the new UK series Harbour Lights. In 1999, he appeared in the TV Special The Mystery of Men. He also appears in the film Bring it on (2000) as an Electrician.

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