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Gina Ward

(Tricia Penrose)

Gina behind the bar


About the character

Gina Ward, George's niece, moved to Aidensfield from Liverpool "to help Uncle George". She had been in some trouble with the police in Liverpool, and the move to the country was the only way for her to avoid a prison sentence for her conviction for handling stolen goods.
Gina has not caused any trouble in Aidensfield, and her earlier history seems to have been largely forgotten. She is young and very fashionable, and loves to sing pop songs.

Gina's character develops more during Season 7, when she takes on more responsibility in the pub. The show's producers are coy on the topic of romance, but both Phil Bellamy and new PC Mike Bradley seem interested!

In Season 9, Gina meets young Irishman Andy Ryan and for the first time she seems to be lucky in love. She talks to Jackie about marrying him but she discovers some shocking truths about him later in the series.

Yorkshire TV postcard of Gina ?

Me with Tricia - October 1998 - Tricia is holding my daughter Claudia who was about 9 weeks old

About the actor

Born on April 9, 1970, in Liverpool, England, Tricia Penrose's previous roles include playing a policewoman on Brookside. She has also appeared on Emmerdale and Coronation Street.

In November 1996, Tricia released a cover version of The Supremes hit "Where did our love go?". The video reportedly starred the Heartbeat cast, and went to number 71 in the charts.

After meeting Tricia, I have to comment here on what a lovely lovely person she is. Very friendly, and my husband wouldn't let me get away without saying she is just as gorgeous in person as she looks on the screen.

Writing in early 2000, rumours are rife that Tricia may leave the show after Season 10 to concentrate on her singing career. We can only hope that she reconsiders, or that the Heartbeat producers can arrange a casual/part-time role for her in the series!

Some more information about Tricia and her singing career is available at Doop records.

Trica's 2nd single was due out on the 7th of February 2000.It's called "Don't Wanna talk about it".

Apparently Tricia is a big fan of the West Coast Eagles Football (Australian Rules) club. The things you learn!!!

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