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Updated October 27 2000

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Michael and Gabi's photo - Signpost with Ashfordly, Barton Moorfield, YorkWhere is Aidensfield & how do I get there?

Visiting Goathland

Places to Stay

Travellers' Tips

Tony's picture - taken on the 21/9/94. The snow was man made, as the Eddie's Goathland Photo
Available now from BlackStar Video in the UK (they mail order all around the world)
Ian Sampson's Country Walks: Heartbeat Country
Sounds good for anyone planning a trip to the area!

Where is Aidensfield & how do I get there?

Heartbeat's Aidensfield is the Yorkshire village of Goathland, which is a stop on the North York Moors Railway. It is in the North York Moors National park (total area of the park is 553 square miles).
Coaches run daily from Leeds and Whitby to Goathland.

The school is in Goathland, behind the camera on the shot of the village store at the beginning of each episode.

The trailer shot of the village shows the church at the southern end of the village. The plume of smoke is coming from the Mallyan Spout Hotel (just to left of church).

Another of Tony's photos of the Goathland Hotel

The "Ashfordly" Police Station building is on the outskirts of Leeds

Oscar Blaketon's Post Office and General Store is in the main shopping strip of Goathland, opposite the car and coach park.

Me outside Goathland general store - Aidensfied Post Office - October 1998

The Aidensfield Arms is the Goathland Hotel (landlord Keith Richardson). (As of series 5, the hotel itself is only used for outside shots; the inside has been reconstructed in YTV studios.)

It's great to see - from the "outside" of the pub you can clearly see the signs that say "Goathland Hotel" but once you're in front of it, all you see is the "Aidensfield Arms".

The interior shots and external studio shots are filmed in the Heartbeat studio outside Leeds. We were lucky enough to be invited to visit when in the UK in late 1998. It's uncanny to see these sets when we had always seen them as complete houses or buildings before - we visited Oscar's shop, pulled beer in the Aidensfield Arms, wandered through Claude's kitchen...

Visiting Goathland

Michael & Gabi's photo of the village of Aidensfield (approx 10Kb image, heavily cropped)
To get a good look at the surrounding countryside, you could try these Cycling Routes around York
The Eyewitness Travel Guide to Great Britain describes Goathland as follows: "A centre for forest and moorland walks, it has 19th-century houses and good accommodation"

Mostyn's garage and funeral services

UK Online - Around the UK - Yorkshire & Lincolnshire on the Net
There's also Yorkshire.net - the Internet guide to Yorkshire! Goathland info coming soon.
Yorkshire Information Centre, Yorkshire, Northern England
A great list of Yorkshire Locations for Film and TV - although links have been "under development" for several months now!

Michael & Gabi's photo - Aidensfield village store. Approx 18K image, cropped

David writes:
I used to live in Goathland near Nelly Ayre Foss and my mother was the cook at the Goathland Hotel.
I was married in Goathland church on 28 December 1960 and shortly afterwards emigrated to Albany in West Australia.
Take it from me there was no police station in Goathland and the coppers certainly never wore helmets.
Not even in Whitby.

Places to Stay

Victor writes: Great site. I run a fantastic hotel in Heartbeat Country - Pickering - we are the only hotel in the North Yorkshire Moors area with extra quality accolades from all three main uk hotel inspectorates - anyway, I would love to have a link to your site. It is possible that as we have one of the best places to stay in the area that some cast members may be hereabouts during filming my lips are sealed.
Curlew's Cottage, Goathland
Sunnyside, Pickering, North York Moors & Heartbeat Country - more accommodation.
I don't know anything about the accommodation listed, these are simply links I have found to places in Goathland. Would love to include reviews or comments, if anyone has some.
Heather writes:
We run a bed & breakfast from our lovely 300 yr old farm house (often pictured on Heartbeat) if any one would like to stay with us we can assure a very warm welcome (and plenty of Heartbeat gossip!)
Church Farm House, Goathland. North Yorkshire. YO22 5AN Telephone: 01947 896289 Fax: 01947 896031 email ivor309@msn.com
3 miles SW of the railway station is the Wheeldale Youth Hostel (thankyou Let's Go: Britain & Ireland 1989 for this info!)
The Eyewitness Guide also lists the Mallyan Spout pub: " Traditional moorland inn with a relaxing air and good food. The open fires make it popular with walkers. Good rooms.


Travellers' Tips

Been to Goathland or one of the other Heartbeat locations? What did you enjoy seeing? What was not so hot?
Share your tips with others planning their holidays to Heartbeat country - or add a link to your holiday snaps site!

John advises:
I have just returned from a one week holiday in the Goathland area (this is my second visit....I love the place!!)
Anyway, there is a pub/hotel opposite the Goathland Hotel called 'Inn on the Moor' where many of the cast and crew stay when filming. The food here is most excellent!!
It is famous in the area for its 'stotties'. It is difficult to describe these, but basically they are large floury baps filled with whatever you want. A must for anyone visiting Goathland!!
Philip recommends: When visiting Goathland, I visited the Goathland Exhibition Centre, I felt the staff were very warm and welcoming she also helped me to find my way to the Aidensfield Arm and the garage which are used for filming. I really enjoyed my time in Goathland and I hope to visit again this summer. Hope to be there to see the cast members.
Our very practical advice is: Get there early! When filming in Goathland, they are often about from 7 till 7 - we arrived at 10 and there was plenty of parking, even in the car & coach park opposite the main shops. We stupidly didn't try to park until 11, by which time the car park was overflowing and we had to park a mile or so away. People keep coming all day.
Actually the best advice would be to plan to stay for a day or two, especially if you can time your visit to coincide with the filming schedules. It gives you a chance to talk to people in bars/pubs and to see some of the action, as well as visiting the local sights.
I went to Goathland for the new year with some friends.(99/00). My tip is to go on the train all day and if it is warm get off in the forest and follow the nature trail back into the village.
In the evening take a walk down the hill to Beck Hole's pub 'The Brich Hall Inn'. It is really warm and Colin (the land lord is really friendly. Hope you have a brilliant time and enjoy the beautiful british countryside.

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