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July 2000: Bill Maynard has had a very serious stroke! More details

NEW!October 27 2000 - now you can Visit My General Heartbeat Discussion Message Board to post your own comments or questions about Heartbeat. I've also added one specifically for Visiting Heartbeat Country - tips and tricks for catching up with filming or the cast, or just for visiting your favourite spots.

Thanks to everyone who has sent information, especially Tony & Eddie (photos) and Betty (episode information).

As at July 2000 I am working to update the pages & intend to continue to maintain the site. No details of Season 9 yet as it has yet to be screened in Victoria, Australia. See also What's New on this site

NEW: July 17, 2000: I have received an e-mail from Peter Killick, who runs an auction web-site in support of "Child Flight". This is a small British registered charity that specialises in sending children who suffer life-threatening conditions overseas for essential medical treatment and therapy.

Peter has just uploaded a fresh item which is a mint and SIGNED hardback copy of Bill Maynard's autobiography "Stand Up...And Be Counted"

I have no connection with Peter, Child Flight or this site but it sounds a very worthwhile cause indeed!

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