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PC Alf Ventress

(William Simons)

Alf and his hard-boiled eggs...

About the character

Alf is the oldest member of the Police team. He loves to eat hard-boiled eggs, and is married to Mrs Ventress (even he calls her that!). I don't think we've ever seen Mrs Ventress, but she frequently calls Alf at work - usually to tell him to do something!

Alf seems to have had quite a lot of old girlfriends, and won a "Beautiful Babies" contest in Pickering, where he was born. It's hard to believe now!

Alf's police number is 437.

Sonia finds Ventress awfully annoying, and asks why they have to keep giving him such close-up shots!!! Any buyers??

In an odd storyline, Alf has had an alien encounter.


About the actor

William Simons also played Roderick Alleyn's counterpart Inspector Fox in the BBC series based on the novels by Ngaio Marsh. Simons jokes that he has played policemen so many times, he might as well be buried in a police uniform. Despite the character, though, Simons is anti-smoking.

Apparently Simons now lives in Goathland: he liked it so much he moved there!!

William Simons also appeared in The Darling Buds of May (which also featured Philip Franks)

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