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Season 1

1.1. "Changing Places"
Nick finds himself on duty sooner than expected when a group of local motorcycle rockers "buzz" the Rowans' Triumph Herald. Dr Ferrenby withdraws his offer to Kate of a job in his practice.
1.2. "Fruits of the Earth"
Nick is perplexed by a succession of drunken hikers. Kate has further trouble with Dr Ferrenby.
1.3. "Rumours"
Nick investigates a malicious whispering campaign against the village shopkeeper.
1.4 "Playing with Fire"
Nick investigates two mysterious barn fires. Dr Ferrenby is incensed when Kate advises an unmarried woman to go to a family planning clinic.
1.5 "Nowt but a prank"
Nick and Kate become involved in a 20-year-old feud between two Aidensfield neighbours which flares up into full-scale warfare. Dr Ferrenby asks Kate if she would like to formally join his practice.
1.6 "Old, new, borrowed and blue"
Aidensfield has a spate of peculiar burglaries where the thief tidies the house before leaving with the loot. Nick is called upon to try & solve the identity of the houseproud thief. Kate agrees to join Dr Ferrenby as a partner.
1.7 "Face Value"
Nick finds himself accused of assault on a demonstrater against the new American-run early warning defence system on the outskirts of Aidensfield.
1.8 "Outsiders"
Tempers run high when a caravan of circus-folk arrive in the village.
1.9 "Primal Instinct"
A top London policeman is shot dead in Aidensfield. An old friend of Nick's turns amorous with Kate.
1.10 "Keep on running"
Greengrass is accused of sheep-rustling following an outbreak. Nick is head- hunted to join a drugs team at Scotland Yard - promotion to Sergeant guaranteed.

Season 2

2.1 "Secrets"
A market trader's van is hijacked and stolen. Kate inadvertently encourages a chickenpox epidemic when she starts a mothers and babies group.
2.2 "End of the Line"
When Nick investigates a break-in at an isolated farm, Greengrass tries to turn it to his advantage. Nick buys an old MG sports car from Greengrass. A man with a grudge against Nick takes Kate hostage.
Screened on ABC TV (Australia) 9th December 1995
2.3 "Manhunt"
George and Greengrass disturb an intruder in the Aidesnfield Arms. Nick seems lights on in the pub after closing time and goes to investigate only to find himself taken hostage.
2.4 "Bitter Harvest"
A tragic story about an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in a remote farm. Reg Manston has built up his pedigree herd through the years of back-breaking work and now has to face losing it all.
2.5 "Over the Hill"
An army deserter is trying to contact an old friend in Aidensfield. Kate learns of Gina's criminal past.
2.6 "Bang to Rights"
8-year-old Julie Tinniswood bangs on the Police house door, it is night time and she is hysterical - she says her mother is dead. Nick and Kate rush to the Tinniswood house to investigate. Nick learns that his predecessor framed an habitual criminal. Bellamy is about to marry his pregnant girlfriend, but learns that she is not pregnant at all.
2.7 "A talent for deception"
A former boyfriend of Kate's visits the village and becomes the prime suspect in a hit-and-run incident. Nick and Phil investigate reports of a woman who has been observing the local bank for some time.
2.8 "Baby Blues"
A woman Kate is treating for infertility 'borrows' a baby from a young couple. Residents of Aidensfield are hostile to a group of hippies who have moved to the area. Greengrass, with his new-found wealth, has bought a race horse. This causes Nick a few difficulties when he finds Greengrass timing some "runs" along the grass verge in the village.
2.9 "Wall of Silence"
Lord Ashfordly's winter pheasant shoot is disrupted when the entire contents of the game larder are stolen. Nick discovers an unpleasant story of incest.
Incidentally, the actress who plays the girl in the incestuous relationship is Nick Berry's real-life girlfriend.
2.10 "Missing"
The arrival of the annual fun fair in Aidensfield sets off a series of events: the proprietor of a nearby caravan site complains to Nick about the noise and mess; a 5-year-old goes missing; and Greengrass tries to sell an erotic engraving that turns out to be stolen.

Season 3

3.1 "Speed Kills"
Ferrenby is hit on the head during a break-in at the surgery. Stolen pills are passed off as speed and other drugs, and a friend of Gina's ends up in a coma.
3.2 "Riders of the Storm"
Aidensfield is cut off in a snowstorm. there is a train crash, the power lines are down, and a pregnant woman stranded in an isolated cottage is about to give birth.
(Shown in Australia on Galaxy 4/5/97)
Sonia writes that this is her favourite episode - "Every time they re-run that episode I watch it.". Does anyone else have a particular favourite??
3.3 "Dead Ringer"
A pawnbroker in Ashfordly is broken into one night when Bellamy should have been in the area. Nick realises that someone is trying to fit up his colleague, but Bellamy is suspended pending enquiries.
(Shown in Australia on Galaxy 11/5/97)
3.4 "Going Home"
Alex Ferrenby becomes disoriented while fishing and drowns. He has been suffering from a slow brain haemorrhage, possible brought on by the head injury he suffered during the burglary.
3.5 "A Chilly Reception"
A local wedding appears to be sabotaged, possibly by the bride to be. Kate's Aunt Eileen visits, bringing a legacy from Kate's uncle which she initially refuses.

3.6 "The Frighteners"
An elderly woman who lives in a charming but isolated cottage complains that she is being persecuted. When Ventress rescues a kitten from drowning, he tries to keep it secretly at the police station. Blaketon orders the animal destroyed, but is later found in his office with the kitten on his lap.
3.7 "Father's Day"
Nick arrests Blaketon's son Graham for mugging a suspected drug dealer. Nick tracks down a stash of counterfeit money.
3.8 "Endangered Species"
An old lady is injured in a hit-and-run accident. Badger baiters are trying to involve her and her mentally handicapped son.
3.9 "An American in Aidensfield"
An American motor cyclist is injured when he swerves to avoid some sheep. Kate has temporarily moved her practice to the police house following Dr Ferrenby's death.
3.10 "Bringing it all back home"
Expanding careers cause problems between Nick and Kate.

Season 4

4.1 "Wild Thing"
Nick investigates the disappearance of several sheep in the hills of Aidensfield. At first rustlers are suspected but when they find some badly mauled sheep they begin to think its a large animal. Whitby's new Inspector Crossley immediately sets out to find the "tiger" which is causing all the problems.
The Inland Revenue has caught up with Greengrass and he has to find a way out of paying back a lot of money.
Kate joins Dr. James Radcliffe in his Whitby practice.
4.2 "Witch Hunt"
Nancy Bellow, live-in help and companion to Amy Dewhurst, is believed to be a witch according to the local kids. When Amy dies and leaves the house to her relatives Nancy finds herself looking for other accomodation but still coming in to cook for the relatives. When they are taken to hospital with poisoning, suspicion falls on Nancy especially after Nick has been to the poison register and found that she had made a purchase.
4.3 "Midday Sun"
Nick comes across a suspected case of rabies when the local garage owner ends up in hospital with violent convulsions and a raging thrust. The suspected dog belongs to a family camping out near Aidensfield. The dog is missing and the son is out looking for it. Meanwhile the police station gets a new car and unfortunately Ventress gets to drive it first.
4.4 "Turn of the Tide"
Ventress goes on a fishing holiday near Whitby and Nick joins him but is actually undercover to investigate smuggling in the area. They stay at the local lodge run by the Stirlings. Nick persuades Jake Stirling to help him after he sees a container picked up at sea. Jake's girlfriend finds out she is pregnant but Jake wants her to get an abortion. She seeks help from Kate who tells her it is against the law.
And Greengrass is up to his old tricks while Nick is away.
4.5 "Love Child"
There is a break-in at Ashfordly Council Offices and among the items missing is a file detailing an abortion. A toddler is abducted in Whitby.
Greengrass has taken to pigeon racing and is very upset when some falcons kill one of his pigeons. He can't convince Nick that its a matter for the police so when birdwatchers discover smashed falcon eggs the blame goes to Greengrass.
4.6 "Nice Girls don't"
After a rugby match between the police and local harbourmen, Gina has a good time flirting with the locals and with Bellamy. When she leaves one of the men tries to go with her but she says no and then discovers she is being followed. She panics and stalls her car and runs into the woods narrowly missing getting assaulted. She reports the crime but is not taken seriously. Luckily Nick is on hand when the attacker strikes again.
4.7 "Trouble in Mind"
A man returns to Aidensfield after having disappeared several years ago. He can't remember the last 7 years of this life. He had left his family and disappeared with the payroll from his employer's bank.
Kate asks his wife to see him while Nick investigates the lost payroll. While their enquiries are progressing another woman appears claiming to be this man's wife.
4.8 "Fair Game" Nick investigates the suspicous death of Jack Temple-Richards after he takes a fall during a hunt. He had arrived looking very drunk but insisting to participate and when he dies the pathologist finds high levels of sleeping pills in his bloodstream.
Greengrass mourns the death of Archie Cutter only because he wants the man's poultry - he was known as a notorious cock-fighter and now Greengrass wants some of the action.
See also 6.14. "The Best Laid Plans", which follows on from this episode!
4.9 "Red Herring"
The Cold War comes to Aidensfield as a Russian defector is on the loose.
The crew of a Russian ship, which docks in Whitby, go out on the town and a fight breaks out in one of the pubs. One of the sailors asks Nick for political asylum after he thinks he has killed his skipper.
Meanwhile Dr. Radcliffe's daughter and a friend go missing on the moors and a search and rescue is mounted for them. The sailor finally finds out he has not really killed his skipper and wants back on his ship. And of course Greengrass is up to his old tricks - trout poaching with a resident Russian priest.
4.10 "Arms and the Man"
by Jonathan Critchley
Ron Cooper is injured when a round from his Lee Enfield .303 Army Rifle explodes in the breech. Nick's investigations discover a cache of ammunition and explosives that Cooper has cached in a hut in Askrigg Quarry. Meanwhile, Claude has used some of Cooper's grenades to clear Lord Ashfordly's pond of 500 or so trout.
Kate and Nick's relationship is showing the strain of the long hours Kate is working in Whitby. Kate is rarely home except on weekends.
Mrs Swinton thinks she might be pregnant, and Kate offers her some Pro Sofil, a drug which will bring on a latte period. Later, we see Kate taking this herself - she is pregnant, and not sure how she feels about it.
Niamh Cusack appears to already be quite pregnant in this show (4-5 months?) - she wears baggy coats and jackets, and we never get a good look at her middle!
Claude proposes to Gina (he's joking, of course!).
4.11 "Treading Carefully"
by Lizzie Mickery - screened on ABC TV Australia 19th March 1995
Nick and Kate's relationship worsens, and the strain starts to show on Nick's work. Blaketon has a talk with Nick about it. The uncertainty is putting a strain on Nick - "At least when the separation is permanent you know where you are," says Nick. He touches on the possibility of his leaving the police force to parent the child while Kate continues to work.
Kate considers abortion, but rejects the concept. She's concerned that it's the wrong time professionally for a pregnancy. James reassures her that everything will work, with an anecdote about his wife's first pregnancy, which they discovered when he was just starting out in General Practice, with no money and a leaky roof. "What did you do?" asks Kate. "Put buckets under the leaky roof and bought a book called Name your Baby," explains James.
Kate tells Nick she's pregnant. He is enthusiastic, but she's still lukewarm (to say the least!). She feels she has let James down by becoming pregnant, but he is supportive.
3 young army lads who have been camping at Greengrass's are stealing lead from rooves. One falls from the church tower to the roof of the church, seriously injuring himself. When Kate climbs to the roof to administer first aid, Nick is furious and horrified. Kate tells him it is her job. Later, when one of the army lads attacks Nick with a knife and cuts his hand, Nick can respond the same way. Greengrass's reaction to the capture of the youths - "If I'd known they'd been nickin' lead, I'd'a charged 'em more."!
The episode finishes with hope for the relationship. Nick and Kate still love each other, and will try to make things work. It ends with a kiss.
This is a poignant episode - Blaketon admits he gave up on his marriage too easily, and regrets it. Nick had looked forward to Kate's telling him she was pregnant, and hadn't anticipated it would be at a time when they were considering separating. Kate later admits she had looked forward to it to, and - in a harbinger of things to come? - adds, "It should have been special... I spoilt it... Everything's spoilt."
4.12 "Bad Blood"
by Steve Trafford - screened on ABC TV Australia 26th March 1995
Kate reaches agreement with James: She will drop back to the original 2 surgeries a week in Whitby, and James will cover her practice in Aidensfield when necessary.
Emily Jacobs finds out she is pregnant, and runs away from home when her husband Arthur fights with his brother Darcy. Their father died some years ago when his tractor rolled over and crushed him. The family farm was left to Arthur (the younger of the sons). Darcy feels Arthur poisoned their father against him. Emily is afraid of what Darcy might do.
Gina's old friend Billy Renshawe turns up to visit the pub. He has been released from prison. When the pub's till turns up 5 pounds short, Gina realises Billy has stolen the money and makes it up. Billy uses the money to buy a stereo from Claude. Darcy stole the stereo from Emily.
Meanwhile, Emily has run to the police house to stay with Kate and Nick. (Kate is into Laura Ashley-style maternity dresses by now). Darcy follows her to the police house and breaks in, terrorising both women before attempting to abduct Emily. Luckily Nick and co arrive in time to save her.
Later, Arthur and Darcy confess that Darcy killed their father. Arthur helped him to cover it up by rolling the tractor onto the body. Emily considers leaving him, but decides her and her baby's place is with her husband.
Meanwhile, Nick is clearly looking forward to the birth of his and Kate's baby - he buys a set of toy soldier skittles from a second-hand store. Kate suggests she might be craving banana & marmite sandwiches, or chips & ice-cream!
4.13 "Assault & Battery"
by Freda Kelsall - screened on ABC TV Australia 2nd April 1995, repeated 20th July 1996,
While Nick is investigating a graffiti problem at a battery egg farm, the case takes a sinister turn. Greengrass tries his had at selling free range eggs.
4.14 "Lost & Found"
by Johnny Byrne - screened on ABC TV Australia 9th April 1995
A visitor turns up in Aidensfield but is distressed to learn he has lost his case on the train and asks Nick to help retrieve it.The case contains the ashes of his deceased wife - he has brought them home to his wife's estranged family to be buried, however the old woman has always hated him for taking her daughter and for encouraging her dead boys to join the army.
4.15 "Bird in the Hand"
Kate & Nick investigate an outbreak of brucellosis at Abbot's Farm
Heartbeat Christmas Special - "A Winter's Tale"
It's Christmas in Aidensfield. Kate thinks she is going into labor.
The week before Christmas has Nick busy tracking the culprits responsible for stealing fir trees from private property to be sold as Christmas trees.
A well-off lady accuses her neighbour's children of stealing something or other. However, the real winner in this episode is Claude who gets stuck in the scenery at the children's school Christmas Concert. Everyone has left the school and is out in the back yard admiring the stars on Christmas Eve.
I don't remember this episode very well, hence the sketchy plot description. I certainly don't think it fits in at all with the later episodes in which Katie is actually born. For one thing, Kate looks much too healthy! But they're allowed one story that doesn't fit the rest... Obviously, this was made quite a while before Katie was born on the series. This episode is one where the music soundtrack was changed quite a lot on export from the UK - I understand there were copyright issues with some of the music.
Tony writes: (shown on ABC December 94 week before Xmas) - This episode was completed at same time as end of series 4.15 was completed; the last day of filming was Thursday 22/9/94. The top picture of the row of cottages on the Heartbeat country page (taken by Tony) was taken on the 21/9/94. The snow was man made as the temperature was in the hi 20's C, a very warm day for UK. A party was held in a marquee on a local farm to celebrate end of series 4 on the evening - early morning 22/23 9/94. 'Kate' was 8 months pregnant at this time, if you watch the Xmas show you will spot the bump is rather large but it is somewhat hidden.

Season 5

5.1 "Wishing Well"
Nick is forced to deal with a violent confrontation between mods and rockers at a local rock and roll dance.
A lump of gold bullion turns up and is found to be part of a large haul stolen seven years before and never recovered.
Kate calls on one of her patients, Nettie, who has a wishing well so she throws in a coin and makes a wish. Later Nettie goes out and when she returns, finds that her house has been trashed. Everyone thinks it was the rockers but Nick proves otherwise. The wishing well turns out to be worth a bit more than a few coins.
Nick and Phil go to Whitby to find the rockers and their leader has a game of chicken with Nick and loses.
Expectant parents, Nick and Kate await the arrival of their first child.
5.2. "Expectations"
Joe Norton and two of his friends hassle Nick and then move on to the rest of the village. Clothing goes missing from the local clotheslines. An old Gypsy tries to sell a bit of "good luck" heather to Greengrass who declines so she places a hex on him. Nick visits Joe's father but doesn't have much luck there as it seems that Joe has been beating him up as well.
The hex on Greengrass seems to be working as nothing seems to be going right for him.
Kate gets bad news after she's had the results back from her blood tests which she had done secretly under another name. Joe sets fire to the Gypsy's caravan. Kate starts having contractions and is rushed to the hospital where she has her baby and they call her Sarah. Kate finally tells Nick the sad news.
5.3. "Thief in the Night"
by Jane Hollowood - screened on ABC TV Australia 24th August 1996
Kate and Sarah come home and Nick stays home from the job which doesn't sit well with Blaketon. Reports come in about prowlers in the middle of the night and when Nick doesn't do anything about it Mr. Copeland complains to Blaketon who then finds Nick and tears a strip off him.
Kate is finding it all very difficult so she asks Nick to take her and Sarah for an outdoor picnic which has disasterous results. She comes down with a very bad case of pneumonia.
Nick finally tells Phil whats going on and Blaketon goes back to apologize to Nick. They finally discover who the prowler is and what he is doing and end up catching him at Kate's funeral.

Whoever wrote this show earned their commission. An excellent and quite devastating episode. The song that they used in this episode was "How Can I Tell You" by Cat Stevens. The song was a major feature of the episode. This page lists not only the very touching words but also the guitar chords.
(Thanks Kate for this link)
5.4. "Domestic"
Nick finds it difficult coping with Katie on his own and asks his Mother to come and help out for a while.
Norman comes to see his Uncle Claude and gets into a betting match in a game of darts which ends up in a brawl outside the pub.
Mr. Dewhurst puts in a complaint to Nick when Mr Barker his neighbour takes a pot shot at his cat Oscar.
Alf and Phil take turns babysitting Katie, Phil gets stuck with her and brings her to the station where he promptly has an accident with the baby powder.
Blaketon is on the warpath because Nick isn't spending enough time at the job.
5.5. "Vacant Possession"
Eddie, an illiterate man who works on a farm, had been promised a cottage to rent when an Aunt passes away but instead its been put up for sale and Brenda calls off their wedding since he doesn't have a place for them to live.
When the cottage is put up for auction and is sold for a very high price, Greengrass decides he can make a bundle by selling some of his property.
Nick's Mother Ruby asks Blaketon to dinner.
Aidensfield is plagued by a peeping tom and Eddie becomes the prime suspect.
Auntie Eileen comes for a visit.
5.6. "We're All Allies Really"
Nick meets a young German planning to visit his father's grave. An eccentric old man on holiday with his wife goes missing on the moors.
Heartbeat takes a look at racism and how it can affect a small village like Aidensfield.
(Screened on ABC-TV Australia 14th September 1996)
5.7. "Sophies Choice"
Barry Jackson's wife Sophie takes the car and nearly runs Greengrass and Alfred down, knocking them into a ditch. She then crashes into the bus shelter nearly hitting 3 school kids. Nick is called to Ashfordly to investigate an antique shop which has reported missing items - the shopkeeper describes Sophie and Nick finds the items at the Jackson home.
A stray racing pigeon ends up at the pub and Gina and Uncle George take him in and plan to race him but soon discover that he doesn't always come home.
A Father and Daughter check in at the pub for a few days and Gina soon discovers they have a secret to hide.
Sophie's life ends in tragedy
5.8. "Gone Tomorrow"
A massive electrical storm hits Aidensfield and Alf Ventress finds himself witness to a UFO sighting. Nick and Maggie call in the help of a hypnotist and together they help Ventress reconstruct his missing moments.
During the storm Maggie is nearly trampled by stampeding horses, George's chimney is struck by lightening and the next morning the school children find cows in their classroom.
Claude turns up in the newspaper claiming he's seen a flying saucer. He has also won a mediterranean cruise but when he takes a "test cruise" around the harbor, it doesn't sit well with him.
The Halliwells and the Conways are having problems which doesn't stop romance between their kids.
Blaketon and Eileen spend an afternoon on the golf course where they find a very strange mark on the green.
I found this a weird episode - it didn't seem to fit the series very well at all. Not that I didn't enjoy it - but it felt like an attempt to cash in on the popularity of series like "The X Files". Bill says it was very realistic.
5.9. "Toss Up"
A burglar nicknamed "Bero Man" terrorizes villagers and attacks Maggie Bolton; a Bob Dylan lookalike arrives in Aidensfield and proves himself unusually popular with the local teenagers; and a car crash has horrific consequences for two friends, Paula and Sandra, when one is killed and the other severely injured
5.10. "It's all in the Game"
Katie is baptized and later when they are all back at the house an old girlfriend of Nicks turns up for a visit.
Mr. Armstrong sends a couple of men to trash Billy Black's house after he has lost a bet at a dog fight and can't pay up.
A Detective Inspector asks Blaketon to send Nick undercover to investigate Mr. Armstrong and his criminal activities. Nick's old girlfriend, a sgt in the Met, joins him undercover.
Blaketon has suspsions that Mr. Armstrong is going to nobble the favorite horse, Fab Four, at an upcoming racing event. Claude gets involved when he lets Billy Black stay at his place.
5.11. "Vigilante"
Arthur Wakefield has a heart attack while he's tackling a burglar in his home. He is rushed to hospital where he goes into a coma. Mrs. Wakefield goes thru mug shots and identifies the burgler - a known criminal named Terry Tiniswood. Mrs Wakefield also picks him out of a lineup but the family get him released, saying that he was with them all night.
Mrs. Wakefield takes matters into her own hand.
Special Inspector Hector Cowley lends a hand on Rowan's patch and suggests to Blaketon that he improve on traffic conditions during the coming flower show. Insp.Cowley has a huge garden from which he intends to enter his prize gooseberries and Greengrass is determined to beat him.
5.12. "Unfinished Business"
Alf is excited about his new piece of property and the start of his new house being built til he sees Greengrass show up with the digging equipment. Claude starts digging and of course runs into problems. He goes down into the excavation to untangle the digger but gets trapped on top of an unexploded WWII bomb. The army is called out to deal with the bomb and the village is evacuated.
One woman doesn't want to leave her home because there is a dead man in her bed and he isn't her husband.
Nick has his hands full what with the bomb, the dead man, a boy who's gone missing and railway station thefts.
(Screened on ABC-TV Australia October 26th 1996)
5.13. "Saint Columba's Treasure"
Professor Brigstock dies from a fall in his home and now everyone is speculating about buried treasure. Eileen decides to do a bit of sleuthing at Lord Ashfordly's estate and an American lady turns up who is also interested in the "treasure"
Lord Ashfordly is up in arms over his stolen trout and Nick is sent to investigate which of course leads him to Greengrass. Blaketon is set on catching Greengrass with the trout so he follows him and hides in his truck.
Greengrass is intent on finding the treasure and is on his way to the Abbey to do some treasure hunting. Blaketon follows him into the tunnel and they both get trapped by a cavein. While trying to find a way out they fall thru to the library and Blaketon breaks his leg and Claude decides to burn all the papers and books to keep warm little knowing that this is really the treasure.
Meanwhile Nick has been investigating several thiefts from deceased owners' homes and celebrating Gina's birthday.
5.14. "Sitting Off the Dock of the Bay"
Complaints start to come in when a pirate radio station broadcasts rock music.
Joe comes home from prison after serving time for setting fire to an old Gypsy woman's caravan. He hooks up with friends who get him to try a new drug - LSD. He ends up diving off a building.
Meanwhile Maggie's brother who is one of the DJ's on the pirate radio ship discovers that they are distributing the drugs in Whitby.
Nick goes undercover as a DJ to catch them in the act.
Greengrass decides to set up a whiskey still and runs into trouble when Nick finds out about it. Blaketon decides to catch him at it only to have the evidence go up in smoke.
Note that Maggie's brother in this episode is played by Kazia Pelka's real-life brother Valentine Pelka!
5.15. "Blood Sports"
The village is endangered by a kidnapping with a deadly twist. Maggie organizes a mass vaccination when a boy, staying in a trailer on the outskirts of town, is diagnosed with polio. Meanwhile, Blaketon enjoys his status as president of the local rugby club, and Nick meets the new school teacher.
(Screened on ABC-TV Australia November 16th 1996)

Season 6

6.1 "Kids"
Derek Ramsay storms out of his house and weaves his way down to the pub where he assaults Phil, Alf and Nick. Next day he is sentenced to 28 days and while Phil & Alf are taking him to the nick, he escapes and is determined to get back home to his girlfriend who is in danger. Jo asks Nick to speak to the school about road safety and finds Greengrass working as a "lollypop man". Soon after, it's discovered that money is being pilfered from the cloak room and Greengrass is accused of the crime and is fired.
6.2 "Old Colonials"
6.3. "Forget Me Not"
6.4. "A Long Shot"
A boy is caught stealing and his father tells Nick he will handle the situation but Jo suspects the worst when the boy comes to school with bruises.
Greengrass "borrows" Lord Ashfordly's prize stallion for a horse owner who wants to sire his mares but can't afford to pay the stud fees.
Alf's temper flares because of a gambling problem.
6.5. "Something of Value"
Several thousand pounds worth of rare wine has been stolen and Blaketon is anxious to have it cleared up as soon as possible.
Lord Ashfordly catches Greengrass with a sack full of game and gives him an ultimatum to either go to jail or watch his property for sheep smugglers.
Ventress is getting deeper in debt with his gambling.
6.6. "Frail Mortality"
The head teacher's daughter is injured in a hit-and-run accident and Maggie, who was at the scene, becomes the prime suspect.
Nick decides he wants to become a sergeant.
6.7. "Snapped"
A young man who has worked at the same job for years is suddenly fired because of a few minor problems, and he then gets drunk goes home and holds his mother hostage.
A top fashion photographer and 2 beautiful models come to town to shoot some pictures and everyone wants to be in on the act. But they soon find out that the group are not just there for the pictures.
Jo's plan to go away with Nick for the weekend is foiled and she kicks him out.
6.8. "Catch Us If You Can"
Juke boxes are all the rage in the local pubs until 2 bikers start vandalizing them. Nick starts to investigate the companies involved in selling the juke boxes.
Ventress's daughter is getting married and he is sent to look after the husband-to-be at his stag party but Ventress is the one who needs looking after.
Nick and Jo are on the outs.
6.9. "Giving The Game Away"
Nick's Mum drops in for a visit.
Jo is still trying to get together with Nick. A man named Erol is chased off private property and Nick later discovers that he had arrested this man for theft when he was still working in London.
Greengrass is running bets on a cricket match and Erol joins the team.
6.10. "The Championship"
Greengrass faces an old enemy in a quoits match.
Nick meets Jo's parents for the first time. Jo hasn't told her parents that Nick had been married, and he forces the issue. The parents are pretty worried, but console themselves that it's just a stage - "She's not serious about him, of course.". An encounter with Ruby doesn't help!
I think this is the episode where Nick decides he's serious about Jo, and finally says goodbye to Kate. Would have to go back & check this. There's a scene outside the Aidensfield Arms which is quite touching. (Am writing this several episodes later, I could be jumping ahead an episode or so...)
(Screened on ABC-TV Australia January 25th 1997)
6.11. "Who Needs Enemies?"
Greengrass takes a bundle of money for bets but before he can place them he lands up in hospital with a suspected appendix problem.
Two boys roam the golf course looking for golf balls when one of them falls and is knocked out. When he is in hospital they find hand marks on his face
An Inspector turns up in Ashfordly to scrutinize the station - a big shakeup is in the works and Blakton is worried he'll have to move.
(Screened on ABC-TV Australia February 1st 1997)
6.12. "Thanks To Alfred"
The Masked Marvel comes to town and everyone's excited about seeing the up-coming wrestling match - til Alfred bites him in the leg.
A woman leaves her husband and 2 kids to move in with another man. Her son takes it badly and acts quite agressively toward his Mother.
She is later found dead alongside the road and the Husband looks a likely suspect.
(Screened on ABC-TV Australia February 8th 1997)
6.13. "Obsessions"
When Nick rescues a woman from a house fire, her appreciation develops into something more sinister.
Nick and Jo move to a new stage in their relationship.
(Screened on ABC-TV Australia February 15th 1997)
6.14. "The Best Laid Plans"
A notorious thief moves back into the area. A woman is haunted by her past.
Eileen has difficulty coping when Jo stays overnight at the Police House. I think a big issue is that she's worried about what would happen to her if Nick and Jo were to marry. She has always claimed to like Jo and there seems little reason to doubt it. She even tells Nick she thinks Kate would have liked Jo. She comments that Jo is "a real career girl", and says she thinks it's good for Katie to have her (Eileen) around full-time. When Nick responds "Yes you're almost as good as a real mother", Eileen looks hurt. I think she is wondering whether she would be welcome to stay if Jo moved in, and wondering what she would do.
(Screened on ABC-TV Australia February 22nd 1997)
See also 4.8. "Fair Game", which this episode follows on from!
6.15. "Bygones Be Bygones"
Nick is suspicious when a financial adviser calls at Jo's cottage.
Not much relationship development going on here, although Nick has an encounter with Jo's father that may change things in the future...
(Screened on ABC-TV Australia March 1st 1997)
6.16. "Old Friends"
Nick goes undercover to catch an escaped prisoner. Antonin, an old flame of Eileen's, re-appears and urges her to marry him, but she decides to stay in Aidensfield while Katie needs her. Nick learns that he has passed his Sergeant's Exams.
Eileen worries when Jo is too keen for her to go with Antonin, and feels that Jo doesn't want her around.
(Screened on ABC-TV Australia March 8th 1997)
6.17. "Charity Begins At Home"
Last episode of the season; a Christmas episode with everything happening! A snowstorm cuts off the Aidensfield/Ashfordly area. Nick and Jo are stranded at Jo's cottage. A plane crashes nearby, carrying a heavily pregnant woman who gives birth in a barn. Nick captures a wanted criminal who the Met have been tracking for over a year. Claude sells geese for Christmas dinner. A bus-load of senior citizens arrive at the Aidensfield school christmas concert. Phil and Alf are in just one of the vehicles that get stranded by the snow. And last but by no means least... Nick asks Jo to marry him!
(Screened on ABC-TV Australia March 15th 1997)
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Season 7

See also: Season 7 Spoilers

7.1 "Bad Apple" - by Peter Gibbs
Greengrass enrages Sgt Blaketon by standing bail for a notorious burglar whose solicitor tells him he will profit from the accused's forthcoming marriage.
Nick and Jo buy a ring and then announce their engagement to her parents - but her mother's reaction isn't good.
Old fans of Dr Who will recognise Mary Tamm, who plays Marilyn, as the first Romana!NEW!

This is Sophie's favourite episode:
my favourite episode has to be the first episode of the last series. I liked it because it was really really funny and even though there had been a big gap and it was a new series they jumped straight into the series and straight to the action ,i videoed the whole of heartbeat for five years and i still watch them over and over again.
I also loved the last episode with nick in it it was very sad but they still kept it jolly and still added tons of jokes and i loved it but i still cant belive they carried on the series without him it just wasnt the same.
7.2 "Pig in the Middle" - by Brian Finch
7.3 "Small Beer" - by Bill Lyons
7.4 "Closing Ranks" - by Jane Hollowood
A series of violent muggings frustrates the force and Nick faces an ethical dilemma when the attackers strike close to home.
Greengrass clashes with two formidable women over a stuffed sheep.
7.5 "Leaving Home" - by David Lane
Wartime memories are stirred in Aidensfield when an ex-soldier comes to the area for a holiday.
A van-load of stolen cigarettes is dumped on Greengrass.
Jo gets some tragic news.
7.6 "Fool For Love" - by James Stevenson
Nick uncovers a secret past when a local woman is plagued by a mystery stalker. Greengrass tries to ingratiate himself with a wealthy young Australian couple in the Aidensfield area to trace their family history.
7.7 "The Family Way" - by Brian Finch
The repercussions of a car accident leave Nick struggling to keep the peace. Jo is concerned about her recently widowed father. Greengrass's brother is looking for property in the area.
7.8 "Friendly Fire" - by Peter Gibbs
Nick suspects foul play when a lay preacher is injured in a shooting accident. And Greengrass gains possession of a secret recipe for the notorious Aidensfield Bun - did anyone manage to write down that recipe?

7.9 "Sons and Lovers " - by Susan Wilkins
Nick is plagued by Lord Ashfordly's alcoholic sister, while Greengrass hatches a grand poaching scheme for Ashfordly halll.

7.10 "Playing With Trains " - by James Stevenson
The police investigate thefts from a fur factory and trespassers on a railway line. Meanwhile, Greengrass acquires a metal detector and thinks he's struck gold.

7.11 "What the Butler Saw - by Garry Lyons
A schoolgirl witnesses a shooting incident on the moor.
Maggie Bolton's estranged husband Neil arrives in Ashfordly - as a senior medical registrar at the hospital.
Greengrass sets up a pool competition without Gina's knowledge.
7.12 "Affairs of the Heart" - by Jane Hollowood
Nick and Jo's wedding day finally arrives, but as the church fills up, the groom is stranded on the moors.
Blaketon gets a shock when he is summoned to see his boss.
7.13 "Peace and Quiet " - by Peter Barwood
Despite being ticked off by Blaketon for speeding on his motorbike, new PC Mike Bradley finds that Aidensfield is not the rural retreat he bargained for.
Residentsí lives are threatened when armed robbers raid a local construction site.
Greengrass finds himself in the thick of the action and is forced to reveal an unexpected side to his previously cowardly character.
7.14 "Substitute " - by Ron Rose
Ventress faces up to some old enemies. Greengrass takes on more than he bargained for when a troop of girl guides camp on his land.
7.15 "In On The Act "
A motorbike stunt rider becomes a target of sabotage.
Greengrass vows revenge when his beloved dog Alfred is dosed with rat poison.
Nick is temporarily promoted to Seargant and Blaketon is now the Postmaster.
Eileen is off to France.
7.16 "The Queen's Message "
When a philandering TV repair man is beaten up, Nick finds no shortage of suspects. And Greengrass infuriates Blaketon with his latest scam involving the postal service.
7.17 "Brainstorm"
A death in custody puts Mike's career on the line. Greengrass and Bernie move into the taxi business and discover a novel way to supplement their income.
Bobo has a question about this episode - can anyone help?
In the show 7.17 "brainstorm" when greengrass and bernie starts a taxi company and mike gets in trouble the play a song...infact the same song every time in that show...it is some sort of guitar riff and i wonder if you know what song that is?
7.18 "Bad Penny"
A old flame of Mike's turns up at Aidensfield. Greengrass loses his heart to an aristocratic lady poacher.
7.19 "Appearances"
A series of burglaries result in a young woman being hospitalised.
Greengrass and Bernie try their hand at modern art. Nick and Jo come to a big decision about their future.
This episode is listed with Niamh Cusack in the cast - thanks to everyone who e-mailed me. Looks like it was a mistake in the credits; at least, no-one has spotted her yet!
7.20 ??
7.21 ??
7.22 "Undecided Trifles"
Greengrass and Bernie do some deals in classic Motor-cylces. Blaketon's stolen car causes an accident and leaves PC Ventress to act quicly to solve the mystery of how it got stolen before 'Division' gets involved.
A school girl gets her stomach pumped out after taking an overdose of sleeping pills.

7.23 "Heroes and Villains"
Ventress and Bellamy investigate the missing golfballs off of the fareway. Local war hero's home gets broken into by a couple of local children. Nothing is really stolen. Local war hero befriends the one of the boys that broke into his home.
Someone asked:
I did notice in Undecided trifles that Ventriss gives someone a "BIC" pen to write with. Were they around then?? In the next scene it is a different pen!
Barry from Tasmania responds:
Regarding your question about "BIC" pens ... Bic was one of the originators of 'Ball Point Pens.' They date from the immediate post WW2 period. Certainly "Biros" were available in Hobart, Tasmania in about 1950. The "Bic" spring loaded pen came a bit later but was definitely easily available here in 1959. When I was a kid at primary school (early 1950's) we were not supposed to use "biros" as they were supposed to adversely affect handwriting skills (I started out to learn "copperplate" writing). If my handwriting is anything to go by, then teacher was right, because my handewrting is almost undecipherable.


Season 8

Sorry folks, no information on Season 8 yet ... but I do have some photos we took when we visited Goathland and also (by invitation) the Heartbeat studio near Leeds - not organised yet but this page shows many of them...

Season 9


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Season 9

Gary Barlow guest stars in the 150th episode of Heartbeat - the final for season 9. BBC News report (1 Mar 2000).