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Nurse Maggie Bolton

(Kazia Pelka)

Kazia fooling around on the Heartbeat set in Goathland October 1998

About the character

Maggie Bolton is the District Nurse. She was introduced to the series several episodes before Kate's death, and may have been a potential new love interest for Nick. They are now good friends. Maggie had an affair with a married man when in nursing school, fell pregnant, and had an illegal abortion.

Maggie drives a Land Rover, and seems virtually unflappable.

Maggie is estranged from her husband Neil, a doctor who has been working abroad for the Red Cross for 4 years. Neil returns during Season 7 but (Sorry if this is a spoiler) leaves the show during Season 8 (not telling how though!). Maggie is left a single mother to raise her son Sam. Note also that despite fairly persistent rumours, Maggie's son is not played by Kazia's own baby!

Tim writes that we meet Maggie's brother in one fairly early episode. He is a music DJ on a Pirate Radio Ship which docks at Whitby (?), and everybody thinks he's Maggie's husband or something. He tells Nick that the Pirate ship is running drugs, which kills a local teenager, and Nick goes undercover as another DJ to crack the case.
Tim goes on: "I immediately knew that the actor playing her brother was related to her as he looked like her identical twin, and the show credits confirmed his surname." (Valentine Pelka is Kazia's brother)


About the actor

Born in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, in 1962, Kazia Pelka is an experienced actor whose credits include Brookside and Space Precinct. The daughter of an Irish mother and Polish father, Kazia married Brian Jordan on 24 September 1998.

Kazia gave birth to a baby girl called Theodora in March 2000. Kazia hasn't been in the last two or three episodes of series nine but is due to rejoin the cast for series ten.

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