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Dr Alex Ferrenby

(Frank Middlemass)

Dr Ferrenby loves to fish!
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About the character

Dr Alex Ferrenby was the country GP in the early days of the series. He had been something of a mentor to Kate, although his conservative views caused them to clash several times.
He had half-promised Kate a job before the move to Aidensfield, but reneged on his offer after she arrived because she was a woman.
He died in a fishing accident in Going Home, Episode 4 of Season 3.

About the actor

Frank Middlemass's voice is perhaps better known than his face. In 1986, he took over the BBC radio role of Don Archer in the long-running radio serial. He continued in the role until Archer died of a heart attack in 1986.
Middlemass also plays Geoffrey Palmer's father in the BBC's As Time Goes By.

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