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Are there any more series planned?

What networks does Heartbeat screen on?

What are the radio call-signs of the various radios used?


Your questions & info

What is the difference between the books and the TV series?

What about the music?

What vehicles are used in the series?

How does the song go?


Are there any more series planned?

Season 10 is currently (July 2000) being filmed in the UK.

What is the difference between the books and the TV series?

The Constable books are semi-autobiographical, based on the life of Peter Walker and his family. In them, Walker's wife Mary, is a housewife, and they have four children.

Walker tends to moralise a lot in his writing. His style is somewhat long- winded and verbose, and the books are correspondingly thick. He makes jokes, but there is often a long lead-up:

In the large and uncertain world outside the police service, the letters CID are widely assumed to mean 'Criminal Investigation Department'. In the minds of countless citizens, particularly those approaching the autumn of their years, these initials conjure up near-romantic images of trilby-hatted men in overlarge raincoats who go about mysterious work which is far too important and intellectual to be trusted to uniformed police officers.
Most of us possess a mental picture of a typical detective but there is no modern requirement for them to wear trilbies or belted raincoats. Indeed, the ideal detective should look nothing like a police officer. Too many bygone sleuths looked too much like off-duty police officers, with their short haircuts, big polished shoes, trilby hats and belted raincoats - they wore what was in effect a civilian uniform, which often defeated the purpose of wearing plain clothes. Happily, many of today's detectives do not look like police officers in their designer jeans, trainer shoes and expensive casual wear.
And this is where the real meaning of CID ought to be mentioned - it means 'Constable in Disguise'.
Constables in Disguise, or detectives as they are better known, are usually depicted entering or leaving the mighty portals of the original Scotland Yard which stood on the banks or the River Thames in London, England, in the manner of some legendary and impenetrable castle. Associated with this image are black Wolsley police cars, Black Marias, turned-up raincoat collars, loosened belts, short haircuts, magnifying glasses and the habit of addressing all other male persons as 'sir', particularly those under investigation. The number of 'sirs' emitted during an interview varies proportionately with the importance of the interview or the social class of the interviewee

From Nicholas Rhea (Peter N. Walker), 1989. Constable in Disguise. London: Headline
© 1989 Nicholas Rhea. (Extract from Chapter 1)

I guess I'm pretty hard on Walker - there's certainly nothing wrong with his writing. I think perhaps it would be easier to move from his books to Heartbeat than from Heartbeat to his books! My Aunt the Librarian, on the other hand, tells me that they are extremely popular, so I'd recommend that anyone try them and see.

I tend to prefer the parallel series (also by Peter Walker/Nicholas Rhea) which mirrors the events of the TV series.


What networks does Heartbeat screen on?

In Australia, Heartbeat was the Australian Broadcasting Commission's highest-rating programme. It was screened on Channel 2, usually at 7.30pm on Saturdays or Sundays.
The 7 network were to screen the series from the beginning from August 1997, although that doesn't seem to have eventuated. Season 7 showed in mid 1998, season 8 during 1999.
As at July 2000, many Australian states have already seen season 9. Here in Victoria we are still waiting though, with no indication of when we can expect the new episodes.

Heartbeat also screens on Foxtel Pay-TV and Galaxy (every Sunday 7:30pm on Arena Channel) (showed Episode 3.2 on 4/5/97 as a guide for anyone needing to know where it's up to)
In the United Kingdom, it is shown on ITV, Saturdays at 8pm I believe (on Anglia at least). More recently, I believe it has moved to Sunday nights.
I know it's also shown in Canada...
(Pauline & Dave say:) Vancouver area & British Columbia, it's aired every Saturday night at 8pm on the Knowledge Network (http://www.ola.bc.ca/knowledge/).
(See their Heartbeat section!)
Knowledge Network will be showing Season 7 from September 6 1997!!!
(Jeanne advises:) Saturday nights in Canada at 9:00 p.m. (mountain standard time) on the Showcase network
(Alex tells me:) In Ontario, it is (was) shown on TVO (TV Ontario, commercial free network of quite a few stations all showing the same programming (except for the French language ones), mostly Ontario government funded, mostly educational or better quality entertainment, but dabbles into some pretty putrid programming as well, http://www.tvo.org/) on Friday evenings at 9:00 pm repeating on Sunday evenings at 8:00 pm. Now Hamish MacBeth is in that time slot.
Dianne & Mike disagree:
We enjoyed your site but for your info (and others) there are no "putrid" programs on TV Ontario from Toronto. It is public broadcasting at its best. Much appreciate the Heartbeat information.
Řyvind mentions on the guestbook that Heartbeat is shown on the Norwegian main TV channel NRK or Norsk RiksKringkasting (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation)
Erlend adds that it is shown every Wednesday!
Heartbeat is also very popular in Sweden at the moment, judging from the e-mail volume I receive!!

What about the music?

The use of '60s music, which seems such an integral part of the series, actually happened by chance. The producers used music in scenes where there was a radio or jukebox in the background, and it took off from there. The success of the spin-off CDs shows what a successful decision this was!

The music that we hear outside the UK is not always the original music for the episode, due to copyright restrictions. An example where this happened is the Heartbeat "Christmas Special".

Did you know that Buddy Holly also recorded the song Heartbeat?

What are the radio call-signs of the various radios used?
General police car (later series): Delta Alpha 2 1
Nick's Bike: Delta Alpha 2 4
Blaketon's police car: Delta Alpha 2 2

What vehicles are used in the series?

Julia advises that most of the vehicles used in the series are hired from private owners ... although I believe that Yorkshire TV does own some of them!
Laurie advises there is also a Vauxhall Cresta used in the series
Car Description Rego Notes
General Police Car
Nick's Police Motorbike (Frances Barnett 198) LEF 296 The Francis-Barnett 198 was standard issue to police of North Yorkshire (the rest of the country had Velocettes)
Kate's Herald Triumph 1200 596 JUM circa 1963/64
There were two used... the car used in the first season was withdrawn by the owner. The replacement was white and had to be respayed pale green to match the original. (Note that this leaves the series when Kate does!)
Blaketon's police car MVN 478C Ford 100E Anglia - in later series for general use at Ashfordly Police Station
New police car - blue/white Anglia Panda Car Ford Anglia 105E - This reflects the later practice of assigning cars to stations rather than to individuals.
Blaketon's (private) Morris Minor Traveller 681 DBX
Grey Mini Van (usually driven by PC Bellamy) 669KAO
Nick's M.G. Sports Car LTR 573 A 1936 TA - but see the debate below!
Jo's Austin Healy Sprite mk 1 881 BCR (bugeye)
Maggie's Land Rover MXG 404
Blaketon's Ford Popular VXL 794
Gina's Bubble Car KWC 796 Was it a Fiat 500 or an Isetta 300 (designed by BMW)? Marty comments: The car opened from the front -amazingly irresponsible way to design a car since a slight crash to the front could pin you in unless you had a can opener!
Phil Bellamy's green Mini Cooper 8295 HJ
Dr Neil Bolton's White MGA MSK 656
Greengrass's Truck TGC 220 Morris-Commercial

Nick's MG:

Lee writes: The MG is a 1963 MGTA ... Kate's Triumph is a 1963 Model and is cactus green.

Bob: I believe the Land Rover is a series 2, of which I have one called Basil!
Nick's MG is a TC about 1948-49 model and Greengrass's truck is a Morris-Commercial.
Alan: Just discovered your site. Nick"s MG looks like a TC Midget; a carry-over from pre WW2 but about 10 000 were made from 1945 to 1949. Many of them were bought by American and Canadian soldiers and returned with them to N.A.
Stephanie: The MG is a TA!
Martin: You can draw your own conclusion from the pictures below, as so many models are very similar in size and detail, and photos can be deceiving but the opinion of our local MG fraternity is that it is an MG TC circa 1954? Registration of Nick`s car is LTR 573 which is a local registration to me, TR is Chichester West Sussex.
Nick's MGThe MG TC

caption to 2nd picture: Post-war austerity meant that sports-car production - and that of cars in general - was erratic, and MG was able to capitalize on this with the TC, which was ready to go in 1945. It was especially popular with American servicemen who remained in the UK after the war, and many TCs were shipped back home. This was the start of cult status for the marque in the USA. For eight years, until the event of the Austin-Healey and Triumph TR2, the MGTC was the only mass-produced British sports car available - apart from the doubly expensive SK120.
Lee: Nick's MG is definitely a TA and is 1936 model. The reason I know is because it was mentioned in the episode when he bought it, series 2 episode 2. In reality it is now undergoing restoration, and will then be sold.
Julia: The following info is found on pages 48 to 51 of 'Popular Classics magazine, December 1994 issue. (This mag is now defunct)
Nick's car; (LTR 573) MG TA, 1937 or '38 model.The MANX MODELS replicas of the Heartbeat Cars


One e-mail I received points out that each episode seems to deal with an issue that was very 60's. eg campaign agaist Nuclear war, Pirate radio, polio, teddy boys, hippies, baby snatching, the pill etc etc.

How does the song go?

My understanding (to be added to...)

why do you miss when my baby kisses me?
why does our love kiss stay in my memory?

Riddle it that
and sing to me love's story
and bring to me love's glory
why do you miss when my baby kisses me

Jim writes:
The song Heart Beat can be found on Buddy Holly from the original master tapes M.C.A. records. It was written by Montgomery-Petty. I received the C.D. for Christmas and was surprised at the origin of the song. Give it a listen and you can get all the lyrics.



Your questions...

Laura asks:
Does any one have the recipe for those famous Aidenfield Buns. We stopped the VCR several times to try to get the secret recipe. But didn't manage it.

Eddie in Sweden thinks he got it: Aidensfield Bun

3 lb 2 oz Flour
21/2 lb Sugar
2 lb Margarine
1 oz Baking powder
pinch nutmeg
1 1/2 PTS Egg (?)
Milk ....
Mixed Currants + Sultanas
...dry ingredients ... ...liquid ingredients... ...paper cases

Anki (also in Sweden) has slightly different quantities:

316 P.oz Flour
242 Lb Sugar
216 margarine
1 oz baking powder
pinch nutmeg
142 pts eggs
150 oz milk
mixed currants + sultanas
Mix together dry ingredients.Add liquids. Mix. Fill in paper cases + bake. 20 minutes in 375 degrees.

Why does Sgt.Rowan have two lines,when Sgt.Blakton had three?
Geoff responds
Nick was an "acting" sergeant, i.e. only standing in as the station sergeant after Blaketon's retirement until a successor was officially appointed. In the past this acting rankwas indicated by the officer wearing an arm band with only two stripes, as opposed to the normal three stripes which were sewn on the arm. The same applied for the next rank up of Inspector, an acting Inspector would have only had one "pip" on the shoulder as opposed to the two worn by a full Inspector.
This I found out from my father who was a serving police officer during the period in which Hearbeat is set.
Simon also adds:
Sgt Blaketon had three stripes because he was a full sergeant, having not only passed his sergeants exam but also having actually been promted by his Chief Constable. Rowan only had two stripes because he would only have been an acting sergeant. He would have had to have passed his sergeants exam, but had not been promoted officially. He was merely filling in temporarily, to cover to immediate local vacancy created by Blaketon's sudden retirement on medical grounds. Some forces do not (or did not) give officers any further badge of rank when acting in the higher rank, although some did give two stripes to indicate higher rank on a temporary basis. Some forces now give three stripes to officers when acting up, (or two pips to acting inspectors) to afford them greater credibility in the eyes of the public.

Picture from Malta - an incredible coincidence! Derek writes:
Last evening whilst watching Heartbeat, the most incredible concidence occured.
During the programme, Derek Fowlds was looking at a photograph album, in which was a photo of a group of young men in Malta doing National Service. I recognised the photo since I also appear in it. (See below).
Derek Fowlds is centre row, third from the right. I am standing three figures away on his right. I would very much like to contact him again, after 40+ years. Can you help me?

From Mac:
Greetings: here goes again with a little bit of trivia. Coincidence!!! About two miles west of Brighton, Ontario, Canada on the King's Highway #2 two roads branch off, both opposite each other. One is named Ventress Road and the other is Bellamy Road. And these have been in existence long before Heartbeat took to the TV screen. Now, doesn't that make your day???

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