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Do you have a favourite episode? (Why?) E-mail me!

Is the show the same/better/worse since Kate died? E-mail me!

What's with Nick and Jo? (Warning: This may have spoilers unless you have seen right to the Christmas episode at the end of Season 6.) E-mail me!

How about Nick's move? (Warning: This may have spoilers unless you have seen Season 7.) E-mail me!

Tim suggested this next one: Are you aware of any Goofs in the show? eg. someone is wearing a digital watch. E-mail me!

Have you seen The Canadian Episode? What did you think? E-mail me!

Is the show the same/better/worse since Kate died?

My two cents, for what it's worth.
I'm still enjoying it, somewhat to my surprise, as I hadn't expected to. I think they are handling Nick's character very well, and letting him develop - perhaps more than before Kate's death!
I do feel, though, that the latest episodes have been a little heavy- handed on the relationship development between Nick and Jo.
Of course, I miss Niamh Cusack, but I felt that they handled her decision to leave so well that it hasn't impacted on plotline

When Kate died I was extremely upset (partly because the episodes were so sad and also because I liked the show as it was. My husband was very negative and said that the series would fold without her as they relied on the policeman/doctor links. I was more positive that it would continue. I think losing Kate forced the writers to look to other characters and stories to support Nick. The development of characters such as Greengrass, Gena, George, Bellamy, and addition of Eileen and Maggie have improved the show. The possibilities for developing and extending Nick's character have been great. I miss Kate but the show is still excellent without her.

I think Kate dying really wrecked the show and I can't stand Jo who looks to me like Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) in drag.

I think the show is actually better now without her, I really didn't like her as a chacter or an actor, and i think the show is better for it.... I cant wait for the show to develop from here! (the xmas episode)

I don't think the show is as good since Kate died,and I miss the character, I have THE episode on tape and watch it when I'm on my own, and I'm afraid that I think Jo is a bit wimpish, and they could have chosen better. I would have liked to see more time and shows before the writers paired Nick off again, I would also like to see something happen with Gina & perhaps Phil and maybe George and Eileen,or Blaketon & Eileen and I have no idea why they introduced a person like Ruby as Nicks mum. Love the music and the Dales. I hope they don't spoil what has been a great show.

I was extremely saddened by Kate's death, personally I think they should have killed off Nick. (Just kidding.) To me, Jo is a pale imitation when compared with Kate, but this is probably just sour grapes as Kate was by far my favourite character. I still enjoy the program, as I think the writers have started to explorer the other character's personalities in more depth, but for me the show has definitely lost a lot of it's appeal.

In my opinion the show was much better with Kate in it and the momentum has changed and not I fear for the better,both my wife and I will continue to watch it and enjoy as we have in the past but we'll continue to have fond memories of Kate.

Since Kate died I think the show has improved. Although I was sad that Kate died (I cried for the next hour) I think the show is picking up.
The new cast members make it more interesting to watch but I still enjoy watching Greengrass, Blaketon, Bellamy, Ventress and of course Nick.

I don't think the show has been as good since Kate died. However I think the producers handled her death very well. I was sobbing in episode where she dies! The development of likable characters such as Bellamy and Maggie has been a positive from Kate's death. However Nick's relationship with Jo is sickly. Every time the two are in the same scene together, they seem to say something corney!
The way Nick proposed just topped it off! Nick's relationship with Kate wasn't this soppoy, even when they were looking forward to the baby.
I'll never forget an scene where Kate was being held at gunpoint by this crazed man and she talks him out of killing her before the police arrive. When Nick arrives, I expected her to hug him etc. but instead she walks past him and goes to attend a child with a fever, who she has been unable to treat because she was with the crazy man. It was very effective and developed Kate's character well. Jo seems to me to be a two dimensional character who is only there to play Nick's love interest. I simply can't see a scene of the quality described above occuring to Jo. I'm sorry, but Heartbeat has become too soppy for my liking.
- Insidently, if Nick Berry leaves the series, I really don't see how the show can continue. He is the central character now that Kate's died and it would be difficult for an audience to adopt another.

I think the show is better since Kate left because Kate was always trying to take Nick away to another place just because of HER job Nick hardly ever answed back but when he finally did they got into an argument that SHE started .I much prefer Jo i think shes really nice compared to Kate.But i am a bit jealous of Kate and Jo because they both got to snog Nick and i would love to be Kate or Jo because i LOVE Nick Berry

I think that Heartbeat has become a lot worse since Kate died.

It was so sad to have Kate die. Before her death the show was sort-of addictive, but without her it's still enjoyable but I'm no longer mortified if I miss an episode.
I hope Nick dosn't marry Jo or even continue the relationship. Jo is really pathetic and such a wash-out after Kate. Kate was brilliant but it was the way Nick and Kate operated together that made the show as excellent as it was. We miss you Kate!

Jerry & Pat:
Not as good. I cried buckets when she died and thought the shows following that time were well done. I am finding the romance (or lack of) with Jo lacks "chemistry". May-be if we saw a bit more of her life and work I'd like her better.

Lu Ann Fraser & Doug Butterick:
We feel that since Kate's death, Heartbeat has retained its excellent quality and the characters have remained interesting.
The newer shows seem to include more deaths than previously. Now, at the end of an episode, we don't feel as "happy" as when we first began watching the series. We wonder: is this darker, moodier aspect of Heartbeat meant to reflect the more turbulent era of the late 1960's? We enjoy Heartbeat very much and will continue to watch as long as it's available here in British Columbia, Canada.

"Mr Bean!?":
The show is just as good without kate..... don't give Jo a hard time

K. Nelson
I don't believe the show has improved since Kate's death, although I thought that Nick should have stood up to her more. Jo is worse, the more I think about about her the less I like her. He deserves better (who did the casting, did they lose their marbles?)
Hope she goes to Canada with him and they cast a new wife.

The series has deteriorated since Kate's death. Part of the delight of HEARTBEAT was the interplay and differences in expectation between Nick and Kate. Jo the school teacher is a poor substitute. Her life experience is irratatingly limited. If Nick is to re-marry then the writers had better write Jo out (permanently!) and ignite some deep interest and attraction between Nick and Maggie, the District Nurse.

I think the show is a lot worse now that Kate's gone. I'm from Sydney, so we're now getting crap reruns on crap Channel 7 full of ads (unlike the first run by the amazing ABC - isn't it amazing how quickly the commercial channels pick up popular ABC series and claim them as their own?).
Anyway....I'm being forced to rewatch Heartbeat because I think Kate (aka Niamh Cusack) is sooo fantastic (she brings real integrity to what is essentially a fluffy soapie). Nick is quite nice I suppose, but Kate made the show. Fluffy Jo is absolutely no comparison to Kate (I heard that woman was chosen for her resemblance to Niamh Cusack - I can't see it myself). Is it just me, or is there something about Jo that suggests pink Easter bunnies?
Anyway, I don't think I'll be watching once Channel 7s run gets past Kate's death (which, by the way, was one of the most tragic pieces of fictional TV I've ever seen.)
So, that was my opinion. Long live Kate and death to rabbit-Jo!

Since my wife and I did not start watching Heartbeat until series six was aired and only saw the earlier series in reruns, we do not have the emotional attachment to Kate as some of the oldtime viewers do.
However, even without knowing Kate's character and only viewing Jo, I agree with some of the other viewers that it was in my view not a good match for the TV screen.
Without trying to get to personal, I don't think Juliette Gruber as an actress was the right choice to play against Nick Berry. Someone with more ummmfff would have been better suited.
After watching some of the older episodes I can see why people are really stuck on Kate. Niamh Cusack is a standout on the show. She could really get excited and draw your attention to what was happening.
As to whether the show is better or worse for the transition I can only comment that the series is great because the whole cast is superb which makes it a great way to kill 50 minutes.
Carry On Heartbeat!!!

I think that Heartbeat is not as good since Kate died.
I do thoroughly enjoy the show - although I think the music was better in the first few seasons.

Worse!! Could there be a more wooden actor than Nick without Kate?

Regarding Heartbeat, the show is great. Nick is sure one fox. I can't stand lispy Joe though. Nick, get a divorce, and dump lispy. Surely to god they could have found a better actress to play Nick's love interest, than her in all of England.

Heartbeat is definately not the same since Kate died. I'm not saying that it's not as good, because nothing in the world would stop me watching it. I don't like Jo's character and I was hoping that they wouldn't get together, but she has seemed to have mellowed in the last few episodes, so things haven't turned out as bad as I expected.
Wonderful show.

No question--it's getting better. But is it almost over? The last few episodes would seem to indicate yes. We have'nt liked Jo as much as Kate. The pairing of people as worlds apart in upbring as Nick and Jo seemed disasterous to us from day one. Oh well! only time will tell. A double header next week may have answers. Bye.

the show is the same since kate died but i much preferd her to joe , joe and nick dont go together and she is not a very good actress.

Heidi in Sweden:
I think the show died a little when Kate left it. Sometimes I watched Heartbeat only because of Kate, and I cryed for many days when she "died". But the show got better again when Jo came, but I can still think of Kate with tears in my eyes.

Someone else:
I loved Kate and I do not think it is the same with out her I am probably going to stop watching Heatrbeat now. I cried for nearly an hour after watching the episode (where she died) as well as after reading the book 'forever yours' (based on the episode and those leading up to it). Kate has been there since the start of the show and the fact that it is named Heartbeat is because 'heart' came from the medical part which she brought to the show. Now she has gone the show has lost that and I think it was what it needed to be good. I know its only my opinion but the show will be lost without her.

What's with Nick and Jo? (Warning: This may have spoilers unless you have seen right to the Christmas episode at the end of Season 6.

Specifically, here, what's with The Big Question? I thought Jo was trying to stop Nick asking her before they went back into the house, but then she seemed quite stunned when he asked her! I've talked this over with The Fabulous Sister-In-Law-and-Fellow-Heartbeatophile (?) and we're both unsure what she'll answer.
Once Nick decided he wanted to be with Jo, he's been 100% behind the relationship, and quite gung-ho about it. But is she as sure as he is?
On the other hand, my husband thought her face was saying a big "Yes", so I guess we'll have to wait & see.

I think that Nick and Jo make a lovely couple and you can see that Jo really loves Katie. I really want them to get married.

I hope they don't get married, I hate Joe!

I hope she says "NO". I'm really holding out for Nick & Maggie to have a fling, or even Gina and Nick, but I'm afraid I don't like Jo at all.

Jerry & Pat:
Is there any point to me saying I hope they don't get married. It's a better show with Nick available and single!

I've been watching since the beginning of Kate's pregnancy and really did like her. I found it hard to get into the series because of the accents and the time period (60's) but I'm now thoroughly hooked, as are many other people here in Canada. I didn't think they'd ever find someone else for Nick I'd like as much, and was worried they'd set him up with Maggie. I like her as a character, but not with Nick. So I was actually delighted with Jo, because she's very similar in appearance and personality (a bit prickly at times and quick to judge ...but then we're all human..)
Thrilled to find your webpage!!!

K. Nelson
I don't think that Jo would make a good constable's wife, she's too self centered. I don't like her particularly and wish they had picked someone else.

We really like Jo as a match for Nick. OK, no one quite compares to Kate but Jo is pretty good.
We're hooked on the show but we feel that having several different writers writing the episodes can be a little confusing to the continuity eg. there were some pretty strong indications that Maggie and Nick were interested in one another (remember the kiss?) and what happened to the little romance between Eileen and Blaketon?
And wasn't Bellamy somewhat interested in Gina at one point???? We waited for more developments but there was NOTHING!
Nick's mom should have her own show- we just love her - she's quite the "tootsie".

How about Nick's move?
(Warning: This may have spoilers unless you have seen Season 7.

i havent any new info for u but i want u to know that i really love heartbeat too and i cried when i was told that nick was leaving the show but iwas pleased that it is for a very good reason he simply wanted to spend more time with Rachel and Louis and be there when the new baby is born.
But i am very pleased to know that there is infact a new video out on the 26th January or showing on T.V in 1999. I love your home page and come back to it every week to see the new goss on heartbeat and the cast .Even though heartbeat is going or staying without nick me and lots of other people im sure would be very happy if u could keep your home page going .
This isn't really information on Heartbeat, it's just some comments from an old British Copper..
I live in Tillsonburg Ontario Canada aand used to be a rural beat policeman in Shropshire during the late 60's and early 70's just like Nick was in Yorkshire.
The series has brought back many memories of good times and I can name persons from my old rural beat that would fit just about every character in Heartbeat.
It's sad that Nick is leaving to come to Canada but that's just what I did! Except that I didn't join the RCMP, I joined the Ontario Provincial Police. ... Perhaps Nick might venture into training Police Officers as well.. who knows??
Currently in our series we are waiting for Nick to come back from his honeymoon and waiting for the plot to unfold.
I had a senior officer who was just like Sgt. Blaketon except that he was a Chief Inspector. He was a very good police officer and provided me with good common sense and guidance over the years that I knew him.
We have taped several episodes of the series and these will be cherished for years to come.
I really hope that the series does continue with the latest addition to the Force although it will not be quite like when Nick was in it.
Thanks for letting me say a few words.
We've just seen the second episode after Nick's return from his wedding with Jo, entitled, Queen's Message. There seems to be a different tone to the show since Mike has joined it. There is a higher level of violence, although none gratuitous.
We have recently noticed some different camera angles and closeups which weren't in the style of any of the previous series either. The new feel is an exciting look at an old friend! Maybe we're gearing up for different directions from Heartbeat after Nick does leave the show?
Nick's character gets some needed strengthening as a sergeant. Blaketon also has a more varied personality as the post office manager than as the sergeant.
Just love some of the new stuff Claude is getting into as he too seems to be getting more on-screen time.
Isn't the show great? Perhaps the coming evolution is going to prove a shot in the arm rather than a detriment to the series' future.
Just want to say I enjoy keeping up to date on your pages and Jason Durr is a really great addition to the cast. I didn't look forward to seeing Nick leave but last night's episode made me realize that Mike is going to add a lot to the show. ... please keep us informed if he appears or has appeared in any movies or series that we may see here in Canada. I hope he and Gina get together on the show.
It's a sad day when the series is to be split up. Although I believe the original Heartbeat set in Yorkshire will survive. I particularly like P.c Bradley. There's a great shot of him in the pub when he finds out that Gina has bought his bike and tells him that she has taken fancy to him. It's the look on his face. Greengrass of course is such a wonderful character not to be found in Alberta.
I don't know they will explain away how P.c. Rowan suddenly becomes a member of the RCMP. Particularly when you have to be a Canadian Citizen to join. (Still it is TV)
I had the good fortune to have served for nearly twenty years in police force prior to immigrating to Canada in 1982. Seven of those years was spent station at Filey and Scarborough in the North Yorkshire Police. I don't mind telling you it brings a lump to my throat every time I watch the programme, it certainly brings back fond memories.
Keep going Heartbeat I for one will be watching with or without P.c. Rowan.
He [Nick Berry] makes the show, I am not sure of how viewing Hearbeat without him will be. I would be nice to have the Canada trip seen before 1999. It would put closure. I would also make a nice spin off if the actor could see himself in this grand country..

thankyou for this web site my wife and i love the series and as of march 14 98 nick has left to go with jo to canada which is where we live and i don't know how well the new shows will do with the replacement copper and also i just feel in love with jo and there isn't anyone right now who could possibliy replace her but we'll see maybe .
greengrass is also a main reason for watching you never know what he'll try to pawn off on someone next in episode 2 after nick and jo have left claude gets some sheep from what could have been his evil twin but claude prevails and even helps old alf with the solution . as long as the writers keep it interesting i think the show can go on and not flop like northern exsposure did which i also loved to watch.
well thats it for now glad to see i was able to find this and that with a few key words got on line very nicely.

We are seeing Heartbeat on TVOntario in Canada, so we are seeing the departure of Nick and the arrival of Mike now. My husband (Mike <g>) and I agree that we prefer Mike to the Nick and Jo combo (we saw Kate in the reruns at Christmas and really liked her). Since we both love motorcycles and cars of the Heartbeat timeframe we enjoy the show a lot - we really liked the episode where Greengrass finds the Brough Superior. Anyway, we think the show will do just fine with Mike and his Bonneville. We look forward to next season.
I also like the Doc's MGA, my favourite car <g>!
The last episode of series 7 airs tonight on TVOntario; the last few episodes without Nick and Jo have been very compelling. I think that the quality of the writing, and the development of the rest of the characters will allow Heartbeat to continue. I'm looking forward to series 8!
Well my wife and I just finished watching what appears to be the season ender for Heartbeat, here on TVO in London, Ontario, Canada, as they said next week Hamish Macbeth will be in this time slot.
The new sergeant has finally arrived, he seems competent and no nonsense, making Ventress look ill. He right away joins with Greengrass (yes that's right), to solve a rather nasty crime. He makes Mike dress properly. Maggie and her ex the Dr. get back together; leaving Mike still single and still looking good.
My wife says the last few episodes are so well written she doesn't even miss Nick, besides he's here in Canada somewhere, a grandad by now. I'm just glad people are not being killed off lately in the show, the town is only so big.
I watched with sadness the final episode shown here in Canada 20th March 98. Is there any rumours of further episodes?. I like the new character of P.c. Bradley and the new Sgt has promise (was that his wife in bed with him). Bill Mayard and Derek Fowlds are two great actors, who can make the series grow further. I await your news of further episodes
One of your contributors says that the writing has improved since Nick & Jo left. I agree. For some reason there was more "bite" to the post-Nick episodes. The stories held my attention more completely.
I am still most interested in Heartbeat, despite the fact that "Nick" and family have moved to Canada.
I watched all the shows after they left, and frankly, sorry to say, I think IT'S BETTER THAN EVER!!!!!
The show picked up and got on with it very well after the loss of Nick Rowan and his family, in fact, I think it opens up the story lines a lot more!
I don't know if I will ever see season eight, as TVO does not appear to be running it now, even in reruns.
I really do hope they pick it up again because I would really like to see more of Aidensfield and surrounding area, not to mention all the characters that I have gotten to know and love!

Are you aware of any goofs or bloopers in the show?

I have spotted many a goof.... but they are very very small....In one episode (dont ask me which) a remember seeing very modern light swicthes on the wall... and one other there was a shot of rather modern looking TV... but really thats about it.. they keep it preety good...
Peter & Robbie:
Yes... in the first season, when Nick is offered a promotion to the Drug Squad back in the Met, it is mentioned that he has all the qualifications for promotion... but Jo is now pressuring him to take his SERGEANT'S EXAMS!!!

Has anybody else noticed how awfully some of the video releases have been cut, eg, the opening Jimi Hendrix song (the Wind Cries Mary) from Dead Ringers.

Greg & Catherine
I have a "goof" for you - in one episode (I forget which), one of the cars is driving with the sun shining through it in such a way that you can distinguish the distinctive pattern in the glass produced by a (post-1960s) laminated windshield.

Louise in WA:
There was one time when Neil called Mike Nick!
re; phil's minivan. it appears twice in the episode "the enemy within". the first scene is at a farmyard with the registration 669 kao. it is seen driving along a road a short while afterwards sporting the registration cdn 345c!
in the episode "bad apple", nick and jo are going to jo's parents' house. they are seen head on in the m.g. and it does not have windscreen wipers fitted !

Do you have a favourite episode?

I think every season has had good & bad shows. My very favourite episode of all time was from the 3rd season, "Riders of the Storm" when Aidensfield was cut off in the snow storm, the pregnant woman whose husband was just getting out of jail and the big train wreck with Gina's cousin.
Every time they re-run that episode I watch it.
my favorite is: "BAD PENNEY" becuse Jason Durr is sow sexy!!!! (how old is he???) no-one knows !!!
Definitely the ALIEN ABDUCTION episode. From my own experience of the phenomenon, I was astounded as to how close to reality it was. Also, the fact that it was out of character with the "normal" episodes made it that much more important and relevant. It was very well done.

My favourite episode is also Riders in the Storm. I can't count the number of times I"ve watched it.

my all time favourite episode was "Shotgun Wedding" where PC Mike Bradley married solicitor Jackie Lambert.

The Canadian Episode - Changing Places

This was without a doubt the very worst Heartbeat episode I've ever seen. Like many of my friends, we were really looking forward to seeing Jo, Nick and Katie in their new surroundings. I certainly hope that the people who watched this in Britain, don't really believe that this in any way resembled Canada in 1968. Most of the acting was bad, the female version of Claude was a joke, and anyone who may be a native or an RCMP officer were surely disgusted.
A store owner who left you with "have a nice day"......this was a phrase stolen from the USA, and was certainly not in every day use in 1968.
Most automobiles would have snow tires at that time of the year. What a coincidence that a moose just happened to be on the road. Where were the mountain goats and big horn sheep? For everyone's sake, I hope there are no plans in the future for any further episodes at Thompson's Landing.
Melissa - this may be all old news but I worked on the Canadian/ITV co-production which we filmed last year. I have seen the tape of it and I'm sure that it has aired in G.B. under the name of Heartbeat "Changing Places". All the British cast (including Nick Berry) were some of the nicest actors/actresses I've ever worked with.

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