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PC Mike Bradley

(Jason Durr)

Jason Durr, new Bobby

About the character

Looking like a biker, Mike has been assigned to Aidensfield to learn about community policing. He rides a Triumph 650 Bonneville.

Mike fits in well in Aidensfield, after a rough start with Sergeant Blaketon. Later series see him marrying solicitor Jackie Lambert and settling down in the Aidensfield Police House.


About the actor

Born in 1968, Jason Durr's TV credits include Jupiter's Moon, Inspector Morse and The Chief. His stage credits include work with the RSC.

More praise for Jason Durr from Heather:
We live in Goathland 'Aidensfield' and have met many of the cast of Heartbeat, the new Constable (Jason Durr) is very scrummy! We think a much better actor than Nick Berry.

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