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Books by Peter N Walker

Peter N Walker has written many books under a variety of names. The books below are all written as Nicholas Rhea.
Others, which are written under his own name, include several collections of stories from the North York Moors. He has also written as Christopher Coram, Tom Ferris and Andrew Arncliffe, and has written several Emmerdale titles as James Ferguson.
Heartbeat: Constable Across the Moors and Other Tales of a Yorkshire Village Bobby
2nd Heartbeat Omnibus - 3 of Rhea's original novels
Heartbeat: Constable Among the Heather and Other Tales of a Yorkshire Village Bobby
London: Headline. 1992. ISBN 0-7472-4012-4
contains the books Constable in Disguise, Constable Among the Heather and Constable by the Stream.
1st Heartbeat Omnibus - 3 of Rhea's original novels - semi-autobigraphical tales of Nicholas Rhea and wife Mary
Constable on the Hill
Constable on the Prowl
Constable around the Village
Constable Across the Moors
Constable in the Dale
Constable by the Sea
Constable Along the Lane
Constable Through the Meadow
Constable in Disguise
Constable Among the Heather
Constable by the Stream
Constable at the Double
Constable Around the Green
Portrait of the North York Moors
(not a Heartbeat // Constable book!)
Heartbeat: Constable on Call
London: Headline. 1993. ISBN 0-7472-4371-9
Heartbeat: Forever Yours -
Read this in private, as friends and colleagues have discovered. The story of Kate's pregnancy and death. A colleague (whom I had warned!) arrived at work red-eyed and embarrassed as she had spent the train ride to work in floods of tears after reading this.

Heartbeat TV tie-in Books

Heartbeat - The real life story
The Authorised Companion, by Hilary Bonner. 1994. Boxtree Ltd. ISBN 1-85283-941-4. (see the back cover)
Heartbeat of Yorkshire: The real life Yorkshire of PC Rowan
A newish book, I think - by Nicholas Rhea, with introduction by Nick Berry. Contains nearly 100 photographs by Michael J Stead. Published in association with Yorkshire TV. ISBN - 0711706050


Blackstar video and DVD in the UK have a great range, and will ship to anywhere in the world! That's gotta be good. (Their online shopping system is also one of the best I have seen, with excellent order tracking functionality). They have a good range of the remaining Heartbeat videos.
I've ordered from them several times, and have always had items delivered within a week or so - to Australia. So they are very highly recommended!

Heartbeat Volume 1
1 video: "Changing Places", "Nowt but a prank", and "Old, New, Borrowed and Blue". Also includes "exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes action with the cast".
Heartbeat Volume 2
2 videos: "Manhunt", "Bitter Harvest", "Bang to Rights", and "Baby Blues".
Heartbeat Volume 3
"Fruits of the Earth" and "A Talent for Deception".
Heartbeat Volume 4
Heartbeat Volume 5
Heartbeat Volume 6 Heartbeat Volume 7
1 video: "Dead Ringers" and & "Going Home".
Heartbeat Volume 8 1 video: "A Chilly Reception" and "The Frighteners".
Heartbeat: A Winter's Tale
1 video: This is the Christmas special from 1994.
Heartbeat: Forever Yours
Three Classic Episodes Re-Edited for Video, Plus a Collection of Nick & Kate's Special Memories
HEARTBEAT - CHANGING PLACES was filmed on location in Canada's Rocky Mountains and cost 1.5 million pounds to make. It will not be shown on TV until 1999 so the video is your only chance of finding out what happens to Nick, Jo and Katie in Canada.
Buy this from Blackstar Video
Heartbeat - Series 5 - Episodes 4 - 9 (double cassette)
Heartbeat - Series 5 - Episodes 10-15
The conclusion to Season 5.
Heartbeat: The Heartbeat Chronicles
Featuring interviews with the cast; a look back at earlier seasons
Ian Sampson's Country Walks: Heartbeat Country
Sounds good for anyone planning a trip to the area!


Heartbeat Volume 1
Heartbeat Volume 2
Heartbeat: Forever Yours (love songs)
Heartbeat: Love Me Tender (The Official Heartbeat Album 1997-98)
Heartbeat: Number One Love Songs

General Merchandise

Soaps R Us have some great Heartbeat merchandise, including pens, key fobs, mugs and t-shirts. They also stock videos, CDs and books of the series, including the Changing Places video.
Set 1 - Ford Anglia & Triumph HeraldYou can buy die cast models of some of the vehicles from the series. These come in two sets called Heartbeat Collection and Heartbeat Collection II. They are manufactured in the UK by Lledo and can be purchased from Manx Models. The first set (now sold out) contains models of the black Ford Anglia Police car and Dr. Kate Rowan's Triumph Herald. The second set contains models of the Ford 100E Anglia (usually driven by Sgt. Blaketon) and the grey Mini Van (usually driven by PC Bellamy). (December 1 1997 - this may also be sold out too... try and see.)
Peter Killick runs an auction web-site in support of "Child Flight". This is a small British registered charity that specialises in sending children who suffer life-threatening conditions overseas for essential medical treatment and therapy. The auction site often features Heartbeat-related merchandise.
Not Heartbeat merchandise but Yorkshire related - I received the following e-mail recently:
I wondered if you would like to visit my web site. It is a fictional childrens musical (book and CD or tape) set in a North Yorkshire village.
I wrote it 8 years ago and has only just gone on the net you can hear the songs (samples) kids wear the tape out!
I wondered if it would be possible to advertise the site alongside the heartbeat merchandise as it would run parallel to the flavour of Heartbeat but something for children the site is only a temporary one for the moment, and is still not fully designed yet or fully up and running. But please have a look anyway
Heartbeat Calendars are produced annually but I have not seen anywhere to buy them on the net. I believe however that the Goathland Post Office do mail-order: write to Goathland Post office Goathland Whitby N.Yorkshire YO22 5LX tel-01947 876200

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