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Claude and Alfred

About the character

Alfred is Claude's lurcher (dog). He always looks mangy and half starved, and has a fondness for crisps.
Zepto writes: Claude's dog alfred is of course a lurcher. Lurchers are not a breed of dog but are a cross between 2 or 3 other breeds of dogs. They are not mongrels, more "cocktail" dogs. Alfred is a Cross between a Bedlington terrier and a whippet. This is a common cross, especially in the North east. Bedlington/whippet Lurchers are advertised regularly in the Countryman's weekly.


About the actor

Tramp is owned by a reader.

Fans are so impressed by Alfred, some have even suggested cloning him!

Tramp, the dog that plays "Alfred", has retired for the Season 8 of HEARTBEAT. He is replaced by Rosie - an almost identical dog - but several years younger. Rosie is then replaced by another dog - I understand she was considered "too placid".

Rosie has played "Alfred" once before, when Tramp had a holiday with his owner.

Tramp's owner writes: Now that Tramp has retired from TV work - well, he is twelve, which makes it about time that he spent a bit more time at home with the family - I am more at liberty to talk about him, as we are no longer under contract to Yorkshire TV or their publicity department. The rumours that he has left because of decreptitude and illness are not true; in fact he has begun training for dog agility again!
He loved working on the programme and being fussed over by all the cast and crew, but the shooting schedule meant that he could be away from home for two to ten days at a time, and I was missing him. Oh, he enjoyed having one harem here at home and another with his TV handler, but that didn't make me miss him any the less.
Apart from me, Tramp's family consists of an eleven year old greyhound/labrador, Perdi, an eight year old Border Collie, Jess, and a very bossy three year old Border Collie, Megan. To be truthful, Tramp really is Perdi's dog rather than mine, as I agreed to take him home only because she needed a companion and she had fallen in love with him....she came in season the next day, so she might just have easily fallen for a chair, or anything else with four legs, had I only known it! But this disgusting looking, smelly, worm ridden, sex-mad, slightly aggressive dog came to stay, and has been with us for ten and a half years now. I hasten to add, he has improved enormously since he first came, and is now fluffy, clean, affectionate, charming, and has a wicked sense of humour. He always had to be made to look dirty - it was not his normal appearance; scruffy, yes, but not dirty.

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