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Jackie Lambert

(Fiona Dolman)

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About the character

Jackie is a solicitor, who left London to move to Aidensfield - a big move for her! She is however a formidable woman with a mind of her own.

Fiona describes the character: "She was ahead of her time really, balancing a career whilst keeping her femininity, so to move out to a village in the middle of nowhere, from London, is a brave thing to do."

Jackie forms a relationship with PC Mike Bradley, eventually marrying him during Season 8-9. Jackie's wealthy upper-class parents don't approve of Mike (shades of Jo Weston's parents' views on Nick?) and this causes some conflict in their relationship.


About the actor

When we met Fiona, she came across as very nice and friendly - happy to stop to chat to fans even when in a hurry. Of course we liked her even more when she was interested in our baby daughter, having just had a new niece arrive that week!
Fiona has appeared in a range of shows, including the excellent Ultraviolet, The Bill, A Touch Of Frost and Strike Force.

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