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"Katie" (Sarah) Rowan

(??? & Alice Jones)

Louis Berry as Katie Rowan - on dad's knee of course
pretty Alice Jones plays Katie Rowan in Season 7
About the character "Katie" Rowan is Nick and Kate's daughter, born just before Kate's death. Nick and Kate called her Sarah, but after Kate's funeral Nick started to call her Katie, and Katie she has remained. I'm not sure if her given name is actually Sarah.

About the actor
Rumour has it that Katie the baby was played by Louis Berry, Nick's son. Lee advises, though, that this is wrong:
...Louis Berry really didn't play Katie Rowan. When Nick Berry was a guest on 'This Morning' in September 1995, Judy Finnigan asked him and he said that it was just something that the press made up. I have also read articles when he has said that his son didn't play his screen daughter. ... In series 6, Katie was played by twins Emily and Amelia ...".

Alice Jones took over as Katie in Season 7. Nick Berry says she is "a natural" in front of the cameras - she certainly comes across well.

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