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George Ward

(Stuart Golland)

George with trademark bow tie
George at the bar
About the character

George is the proprietor of the Aidensfield Arms hotel. He has an immune system disease - myasthenia gravis that restricts his activities a little and causes him to tire easily. Kate diagnosed this shortly after she and Nick arrived in Aidensfield.
George's niece Gina helps him run the pub.
George is one of the more friendly locals, and was one of the first to be friendly to Nick. Although quite an honest type, he's not averse to dealing with Greengrass, particularly when it comes to food. He usually asks whether it is honestly come-by, but is prepared to take yes for an answer and not look any more deeply than that.

About the actor

Heartbeat is Stuart Golland's biggest TV role to date. He was particularly interested in the role of George as he had run a pub himself, so had knowledge of the part.
Stuart Golland lives in Leeds with his wife Frances, who is a social worker.

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